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How To Setup & Sync Gmail on iPhone iPod & iPad & Sync Emails



iPhone - Setup & Sync Gmail

Google services like Gmail, Calendar, and Google Contacts are incredibly popular, and what more to it, is that they are very easy to setup. While there is debt going on for which mail client is best for all email service integration, by that time you would be all setup to use the Gmail service on your iPhone. We have some interesting instructions to share about that setup.

How to Setup & Sync Gmail on iPhone, iPod, and iPad

The iOS settings app, Mail, Calendar, and Contacts section, contains built-in support for Gmail, and other related services. Though, all three services come together, but here we are more concerned with Mail service. On their OS, Apple is using the open standard IMAP, CalDAV, CardDAV services to handle the syncing part. Because the Gmail is retro-fitted support for IMAP and is peculiar to times. However, if you desperately want to use the built-in iOS Mail app because of its unified inbox, in addition, you don’t have the paid account. Then, it will be your only option.

Steps to Setup Gmail on iOS Mail App:

  1. Open Settings from the Home screen on the iOS device.
  2. Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calenders. Gmail Setup & Sync (1)
  3. Now tap on Add account.
  4. Select Google as your choice of option. Gmail Setup & Sync (2)
  5. The service will ask to enter your credentials including name, Gmail email address, and password. As well as you can enter the description too, this will help you identify the account later. Tap Next to continue.

Note: If you’ve enabled two-step verification for your Gmail account then you need to use an application-specific password instead of the regular password in the password field.

After your account is successfully verified, some options will appear for Google services like, Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Notes as well. Select the services that you want to sync. Tap on Save if you are done with choices.

Access Gmail Using Official App

  • If you fancy dedicated app for using your Gmail account, then the official Gmail app should be the best option for you. And fortunately for you it is available on the App Store.
  • Download the Gmail app from the App Store using the direct iTunes link here.
  • Now you have to enter Name, Email, Password, as well as description for your Gmail or Google Apps email address.
  • Then tap on Sign into login to your account. Though, if you have signed into your Gmail and Google Apps account, then you should ideally see them. You can tap on the ON/OFF toggle against the respective accounts to access them in the Gmail app. Remember you can setup up to 5 Gmail or Google Apps account.

Note: If the two-step verification is enabled, then you need to use your account password instead of the application specific password. It will ask you to enter the verification code in the next step.

  • You can either tap on Start Tour to go through a quick visual walk through on how to use the Gmail app or else tap on Go to Inbox to access your emails.
  • You should also get an option to allow the Gmail app to send you notifications, tap on Yes to get notification whenever you get a new email.
  • Though by default, you will get notifications only for the Important Emails. But if you want notifications for all emails then swipe to the right to the Inbox to access the menu, tap on the Gear icon, and then tap on All New Emails.

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