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How To Install Windows 10 Preview on Microsoft Lumia SmartPhones



Microsoft have been busy with its idea of one OS for all devices including the phones. But as promised they have already released the preview of Windows 10 for phones to the public, which was previously available for developers only.

The Windows 10 for phones will be supported on all Lumia handsets running on Windows Phone 8. However, the preview has been currently roll-out to few selected devices including Lumia 630, 635, 636, 638, 730 and the recently announced Lumia 830. It is because the company is still trying to figure out few bugs like partition stitching, as the company is blaming it for the delay of roll out to the other devices.

Note that, it is much like the desktop version of Windows 10 technical preview, the Windows 10 preview for phones have some missing features. So it is not advised to install this update if you are using the supported phone as your primary handset. Also make sure that your phones is charged.

How to Install the Windows 10 preview for phones

  1. First thing which you need to make sure is that you have signed up for the Windows Insider program with a Microsoft account, of course.
  2. Now download the Windows Insider app from the Windows app store. Windows 10 Preview for Phones - Insider App
  3. Launch the downloaded app and sign in with your Microsoft account credentials.
  4. Tap on “Get preview builds”. Windows 10 Preview for Phones - Get Preview Builds
  5. There will be two update tracks out which you would have to opt for:
      Insider Slow: It will give you less frequent, but more stable updates.
      Insider Fast: It will offer updates as soon as Microsoft releases them.

    Windows 10 Preview for Phones - Select Track

  6. After selecting the track, you would have to confirm that you are installing the experimental release of the software by tapping on accept. Windows 10 Preview for Phones - Confirm Track
  7. Now you have to go to Settings and further to Phone update, where you have to check for updates. Windows 10 Preview for Phones - Phone Update

You are moving from Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10, and it may require you to complete several downloads and restarts. As well as you may have to redo the steps at least twice until the screen says that the Windows 10 Preview build is available to install.

Microsoft is trying to give its mobile operating system big tweaks that were much needed to boost its presence. The new features that we saw on the Windows 10 Preview for phones are mostly in settings area, where now you can see a categorized sections. As well as other features like support for universal apps, which results in the new calendar, camera, photos, music, mail and messaging apps, which mimics their desktop counterpart.


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