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How To Setup Parental Controls on Netflix & Limit Child’s Access



Netflix is one of the best options to stream movies and TV shows online. Over 70 million users have subscribed for the Netflix service and that’s enough to introduce the popularity of it to the new users. For the subscribed users, it gives access to a wide variety of features and controls using which the user can manage the account. Netfilx is now available in 130 countries with various plans for the users.

As with the growing popularity of Netflix, now the parents are actually worried about what their children are watching online. It is very obvious that, kids do attract towards the adult content with the growing age and parents need to control it before it’s too late. In Netflix, parents do have an option to control and limit the access of what their kids should watch.

How to setup parental controls in Netflix

At first, you need to know that Netflix has categorized parental controls to four maturity levels which are Little kids, Older kids, teens and adults. Each level gives access to specific movies and TV shows depending up on the level of maturity.

Step 1 – Open Netfilx account on your PC or mobile browser.

Step 2 – On the top-right side, you can see the profiles linked to the account in the drop-down menu. Now, click on manage profiles and you will get all the profiles linked to your account.

Step 3 – Now, you can set/change the parental control settings by clicking on edit next to the individual profiles. Next, use the drop-down menu to change the parental control settings.

Step 4 – Once the changes are finished then click on ‘Done’ to save the settings.

Step 5 – To dedicate the profile to your kid by default, you can simply click on the Kid checkbox under ‘Manage Profiles’ section.

Also, from the main profile account, you can give permissions to the levels for accessing ‘Your Account Page’. The settings can be changed to ‘Teens and below’ or ‘All maturity levels’ to provide the access. If you are watching a movie which has a higher maturity level than the parental controls you set, then you need to change the maturity level from the settings again through your profile.

It is obvious that, your kid tries to open your profile and try to access it whenever you are not in home. So, to avoid that, change all the profiles to the kid’s level and whenever you login then change the maturity level to watch your movies and TV shows, and switch back to the kid’s level before signing out.

Once the parental control settings are changed via PC web or mobile browser, then the changes will apply to every device which is connected to your Netflix account. Sometimes it may take up to 8 hours for activating the changes, but you can simply sign out and sign-in again to speed up the activation. So, set the limits now and keep your child safe.

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