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How do I set up my Fitbit tracker on a computer



Setup your Fitbit One

Fitbit has been in the wearables business since quite a time now, the San Francisco-based company is known for its quality fitness trackers, as its has number of products including Fitbit One, Ultra, Zip, Force, and Flex to support its reputation in the market.

Setup your Fitbit One

We are using the Fitbit one for quite a long period now, but it is little hard to setup the Fitbit One, and if your are the first time owner of this device, you are on the right path. Let us guide you through this process of setting up the FitbIt One.

Pre-requisite: You need to download the Fitbit Connect for your Fitbit One tracker. Go to

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to setup the FitBit One tracker on a computer:

  • Install the Fitbit Connect application on your computer and follow the instructions of the installation process.
  • If you are on a Mac, open the dmg file. If it doesn’t appear on your desktop, search for “Fitbit Connect” in Spotlight.
  • If you are on a PC, run the .exe file from your download location. If it doesn’t appear on your desktop, search for “Fitbit Connect” in the Start menu.

Setup a FitBit Device

  • Now open the installed Fitbit Connect tool, there you need to select “Set Up A New Fitbit Device”.

Setup your Fitbit on a Computer


  • Now you need to setup your account. To to do you need to select “New to Fitbit” if you don’t already have a account. Or select “Existing User” to log in using your existing account.

Setup your account - Fitbit One

  • You have to enter few details about your height, weight, age, etc. as Fitbit tracker needs this information to correctly analyze your activities. Note that this information improves the accuracy of your caloric burn and distance data.

Tell us about yourself - Fitbit One Setup

  • Later you will be asked to select the device; you need to select the appropriate tracker (One) to continue.

Select the Fitbit One

  • Plug the wireless USB sync dongle into your computer (this is the smaller USB device–not the charging cable), and bring your tracker near to it to begin pairing.
  • The next step is the tracker pairing. You will see a pairing number that appears on your tracker’s display once your device has been located; enter this number on your computer.
  • After clicking Next, your tracker will connect to your account. This can take up to a minute.
  • Once your tracker has connected to, you may be prompted to enter a greeting (depending on which tracker you have). This can be your name or any 8-character combination of letters or numbers. I have entered Vishal, so whenever I take it out of pocket , it either greets me “Bon Jour Vishal” or motivates me by displaying “Stepgeek Vishal” or anything interesting every time I take it out of pocket.

Fitbit One - Greetings

  • When your tracker is linked with your Fitbit account, Fitbit Connect will notify you and present some basic instructions on using your device.
  • You can now log into your account dashboard to view your synced data.

Now from next time you can simply login to to access your dashboard. Keep Fit!


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