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How to Setup an Alarm on your Pebble Smartwatch



Setup Alarm on Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble Smartwatch is one of the earliest wearables products that got much praise about its functionality and geeky yet elegant looks. While company has already introduced the second version (Pebble Steel) in the market during this year’s CES Expo, the original Pebble still remains our favorite of them. In terms of software, the company has built in quite good features into the Pebble and alarm functionality if one of them.

Setup Alarm on Pebble Smartwatch

The process of setting up the alarm is quite easy and takes less than a minute. It just takes few button presses to be in the business and the alarm will go off, whenever you want it to, so that you are awake when needed.

  • From the watch face you need to press select (middle button), which will open the main menu. Scrolling down, you will see Alarms option, select that.
  • Now go to new alarm and set the Hour, then, press select and, go on to set the Minutes, then, press select again.
  • You need to set AM or PM for the alarm (or if you have 24-hour format, you don’t need to) and press select button to finish.

Well, that’s really it, as we told you it only takes few seconds to set a new alarm on your Pebble Smartwatch. The watch also allows you to toggle the alarm on and off, delete it, set another alarm, as well as set the snooze delay right from that section only. And when the alarm goes off on your set time, you will be given the option to dismiss the alarm or snooze it to the set delay.


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