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Apple Launches New Paid iCloud Storage Plans from 50GB to 2TB – Plans & Pricing



Apple has finally introduced a new tier in its iCloud storage plans. Alongside the 1TB plan, the company has now introduced a 2TB plan as well. This is a much-needed upgrade for most of the iOS users. Quite surprising to see this move from the company now just before the release of the new iPhones. If you didn’t know, Apple is holding an event on 7th September and that is where the company is expected to launch its new iPhones for the year 2016.

Also, the company is rumoured to launch the new 256GB variant of the smartphone for the very first time. So this is quite an interesting move by the company. The previous largest tier, 1TB, was roughly about 8 times larger than the largest iPhone device storage available i.e. the 128GB variant. So if you do the math, then you would find out that with the launch of the 256GB variant and the introduction of the 2TB tier, the ratio of this difference still remains the same.

Upcoming Apple iPhone with 256GB Internal Storage Almost Confirmed

This is nothing new to have a device with 256GB storage as they are already selling the iPads with that configuration. Also, do make a note that there are reports claiming that the base model of the upcoming iPhone will start from 32GB. And this move also makes a lot of sense because the software from the company like the iOS & macOS Sierra have some features to store the files and documents directly to the iCloud to access anytime on the go. This might also take a lot of storage space.

So as of now with the announcement of the new plan, following are the plans available now –

  • 5GB for free
  • 50GB for $0.99 (Rs. 65 in India)
  • 200GB for $2.99 (Rs 190 in India)
  • 1TB for $9.99 (Rs 650 in India)
  • 2TB for $19.99 (Rs 1300 in India)

So if you are interested in upgrading, then those are your options to choose from. Let us know what do you think about the new plans and if you are going to upgrade. Stay tuned for more info like this.


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