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Saying “Ok Google” Wont be unlocking your Android Devices anymore



Yes, you read it right, Google does not unlock your device anymore by saying “Ok Google” as it used to do earlier. Going back in time, the tech Giant Google introduce a feature that allows its users to unlock their device using Voice Match that became popular than the traditional pattern or pin unlocking. Since the user can unlock the device just with their voice, it means they can use the device even when their hands are dirty or while the device is out of the reach.

Google has now updated this application so that it opens up just a specific lock screen mode instead of giving complete access to the device with voice since there is a chance of exposing personal data while doing so. After the update, the user will still be able to wake up their device with their registered voice and interact with the Assistant but won’t be able to fully unlock the device

Now the Voice Match will give access only for a few features like Email, including results from Gmail, for Google calendar to know if you have any event scheduled on a particular day or later that week. Granting access to Contacts. Reminders, Memory aids and shopping lists only. Other details like personal data-related integration will require manual authentication like Pin, Pattern, Fingerprint or facial unlocking to get full access.

In a support document of the same, Google has explained that a similar voice or recording of your own could be used to unlock the device easily and grant access to others and that’s the reason behind this move. If you want to enable voice-command lock screen personal results, go to the Google assistant settings by tapping on the compass icon on the bottom and then holding the home button and select your device and turn on both Access with Voice Match and Lock Screen personal results.

Do you use Voice to unlock your device? Is this a good move from Google? Comment in the section below and stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more similar news and updates.



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