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Save Battery on Galaxy S7, S7 Edge by Scheduling Always On Display



Rejoice, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge users, Samsung have finally pushed a much-awaited update to its Always-On Display feature. Starting today, you should receive an update on your Always-On supported Samsung handset. There are a number of changes that have arrived with this update for the dedicated feature. But the most important is that you can now schedule when to start the Always-On Display and when to stop it.

Earlier, many Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge users have reported that the Always-On feature is draining the battery a lot quicker. It was kind of irritating to see such a good feature without optimization. But now that has been sorted out with this update; the flagship users should notice a considerable improvement in battery life, depending upon wise usage of this feature.

For instance, you could schedule the Always-On display for 7 PM in the night to 7 AM in the morning. As that’s when most of the people don’t keep their hands on the device. Meaning, after the night strikes, many smartphone users will put their handsets on the desks, and that’s when the display will light up as soon as you put it on the desk.

The company has also updated the Night clock feature on the Galaxy S7 Edge. It can now be enabled for a maximum of 18 hours, which is down from the 24 hours earlier limit. Note that if you have both features; Always-On and Night Clock enabled at a time, the phone will display the latter. Moreover, you get the option to enable world clock for up to four regions at a single time. Something that I wanted from the started.

If you want to grab this update, it’s quite simple, just head over to the Settings app and tap on the Display. There you would have to tap on the Always On Display feature. Move to the About section; there you should see an Update button, hitting on it will take you to the app page on the Samsung App Store. We would have loved to see the third-party notification support because honestly the absence of that feature has made us opt for a service like Dynamic Notifications, which offers Active notifications like Motorola offers on their handsets like Moto X and Moto G.


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