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Samsung’s Secure Folder app leaks shedding some light on the upcoming Galaxy S8’s design



The Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone has been on the news for quite some time now. We have been constantly hearing a lot about the device including the display on the front, which is expected to be game changer for the company. It is expected that the smartphone will feature a near bezel-less display on the front making room for a huge display fit into the body, which is relatively small. While more details are yet to be confirmed, the leaked Samsung App give throws light on the design of the upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone.

Earlier yesterday, a leaked version of Samsung’s Secure folder app for the existing Galaxy S7 smarrtphone started to take the internet by storm. Yes, the app does bring some new faetures on board, but it is not the reason behind so much hype. The leaked app image shows a device what appears to match the rumors of the Galaxy S8 smartphone. It shows a smartphone with a near bezel-less design which matches to something what we first witnessed a couple of months back.

If you are wondering as to why this is getting a lot of attention, it is probably because it is first time we are seeing something like this about the Galaxy S8 from the official Samsung source. Hence, it is belived that we will indeed get a smartphone like this after all. Talking about the app, it adds some new interesting fetaures like fingeroprint authentication for securing the folders of apps & contacts. This also means that the feature will now debut on the Galaxy S8 smartphones as well along with the Galaxy S7. Do make a note that this particular version of the app is not yet available to download for the Galaxy S7 officially.

Having said that, it looks like we have to wait until the official announcement of the smartphone which is expected to happen by the end of March. That is when we will be getting a lot of confirmation on the alleged specs and features of the smartphone. It is also expected that the Galaxy S8 will be available in a larger variant as well called the Galaxy S8 Plus. Both of them are expected to be powered by the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 SoC, which the company is manufacturing. Other specs include 4GB of RAM & a 5.8″ & 6.2″ display for the Galaxy S8 & the Galaxy S8 Plus respectively. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more details on the same if you wish to be first to know about them.


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