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Samsung’s New Patent hints at Dual-Boot Galaxy S8 with Android & Windows OS



It’s been only a couple of weeks since Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 phablet, which is by the way currently in the news for quite unfortunate reasons. But we now have a couple of reports about something quite unusual from the company. Yes, we now have some patents from the company for multi-OS smartphones. But smartphones with two OS is nothing us. We have seen a couple of smartphones which dual boot more than one OS.

However, according to this patent, users will be able to switch OS on the go, just like anyone would switch apps or use the multi-window feature. Sounds crazy right? Yes, Samsung has filed a new patent application in South Korea for the same. The patent was filed back in May 2015, and it shows different ways in which a user can switch back and forth between Windows OS & Android on the go. It also states that users will be able to view files from both the OS. So basically users will be able to switch between both the OS just like one would use a multi-window feature and see the contents from both the OS.

And the way it would be implemented also looks neat. The OS which is not in use will minimise in the form of an icon and the user can tap it to jump into that OS. All the contents from the current OS will just rest as it does currently. Furthermore, the company is using one OS as standard and whenever a user will press the home button, it will go back to the same default OS. Also, this kind of dual boot setup should be efficiently manageable. It looks like Samsung got that covered as well.

In the patent, it is clearly mentioned that the OS will have different settings to setup folders, share folders and distribute the resources accordingly, etc. And interestingly, Samsung has also shown a tablet layout of the OS. However, we don’t have much detail on the same. It is also noted that the company previously planned to launch a device called Ativ Q with a similar concept. However, the device was never launched. So that pretty much brings us to the next concern. It is definitely going to be easy to implement this and hence we doubt if it will be implemented in any of the upcoming devices. But it is indeed quite interesting to see these kinds of advancements from the company. Stay tuned for more detailed info on this in future.


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