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Samsung’s New Smart Glow Features Priority Alerts, Usage Alerts & Selfie Assist



Samsung is rumored to announce the new Smart Glow feature with the upcoming Galaxy J2 (2016). Though there is no official information from Samsung, now we came to know more about this new (gimmicky?) feature. The Smart Glow, which was initially said to be the replacement for notifications light, is now used to bring even more productivity. Instead of just blinking for the notifications, it is now said to offer three ways of usage like Priority alerts, Usage alerts & Selfie Assist.

The Priority Alerts works same as the Edge Lightning on the Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, and Galaxy S7 Edge. It blinks the preset color assigned for every contact when there is a notification from that particular contact. Secondly, the Usage Alerts are said to give the assumption over the device features. For example, it lights up in different color indicating the battery status of the device.

The above mentioned two features work almost in the same as how the LED notification light functions, but the Selfie Assist makes the Smart Glow even more interesting. It helps the users to capture selfies from the rear camera of the device. Since we can’t see the viewfinder while looking on the rear of the device, the Smart Glow is said to blink in Blue color while the device detected the face is detected and the capture the image in two seconds.

It also helps the users to move in the certain direction by blinking so that user can be in the middle of the photo rather than in the corners. While these are the confirmed features that will be available with the Smart Glow on Galaxy J2 2016, Samsung is said to bring even more features. The Weather Ring and Health Ring will be part of the Smart Glow in the near future.

With the Weather Ring feature, the device can be shaken to know the current weather status. For example, the device blinks in yellow for Sunny weather and Blue hue while raining. The current premium Galaxy devices include a separate heart rate sensor for knowing the heart rate info, but the Hearth Ring will replace this sensor. Once the Health Ring feature enabled with the Smart Glow, every device without the sensor can monitor the heart rate.

The upcoming Galaxy J2 2016 that will be launched soon in India will only include the basic three features. With the upcoming Galaxy S8 & S8 Edge that will be launched in early 2017 will feature Smart Glow software including the Weather Ring and Health Ring. Apart from the Android-powered Galaxy smartphone, the Smart Glow can also be expected with Tizen-powered devices as well. So stay tuned for the Samsung Z2 or the Samsung Z4.


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