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LeEco Le 2 Quality Control Issues, Flipkart Denying Replacements within 10 Day Return Period



In a very surprising note, we have been reading many reports of the LeEco‘s latest Smartphone ie Le 2 facing quality issues while the brand not responding to the same. The phone was launched yesterday in India in their first sale with reports of devices worth Rs 78 Crore sold in India, that roughly translates to USD 12 Million. This is not a small amount considering that we are talking about 61,000 units of two devices LeEco had sold ie the Le 2 & the Le Max2.

To address the current problem, we are talking about the Quality Control Issues that their recent launched phone is facing & how less or no support the consumers are getting from it. When we did an unboxing of the Phone, we found that there was some issue with the display, but then it was a Review unit & we concluded that it may not have been seen on the retail units. Surprisingly, we found many YouTubers & other users who had faced similar issues & had mentioned the same either in their videos or tweets.

According to Geeky Ranjit (Youtuber) – The first unit has the flexing issue this one even when slight pressure is applied having that screen deformation like you had on old LCD monitors if a user is going to a long press for cut n paste he will encounter it. It is all over the screen with the retail unit. (Note: Ranjit had first tested the review unit that had the issue, to cross check he had purchased the retail unit & the problem continued)

When he tried to get a replacement from Flipkart, which is the exclusive store that sells these devices, the chain responded that on a confirmation with LeEco, they cannot replace nor refund the order. Forget about the Influence but as a normal consumer too, if you cannot get a replacement for a genuine problem it is time we stop recommending these e-commerce portals.

We did find many others who had reported these issues like Ashwin Ganesh (YouTuber), who had also tweeted the following when he faced the same issue. Followed is his video where he reports the exact same issue.

On a similar note, another user had reported that this is not a rare issue. When he had an issue with the brand’s last generation device is the LE 1s, he was not given a refund from Flipkart. In fact he was asked to wait for 30 days for repair under warranty & the wait goes on.

LeEco Phone Complaint

According to the Store Listing, it is clearly mentioned that Flipkart offers a 10 day Replacement Guarantee. This single phrase is enough for someone to spend their money on the site believing that if there’s any issue with the product they would get a refund. But in this case denying a customer is completely wrong because it;s the e-commerce site’s responsibility to ensure that their satisfaction is met, rather than going back to the seller & responding back a denial. Followed screenshot can confirm the policy information.

Flipkart LeEco Le2 Replacement Policy

Flipkart has a detailed story on the Friendly Replacement Policy, that does not work as reported above. We have seen many incidents where buyers take advantage of these policies and return their devices after using it for a few days but then, in this case, it is clear that the product has a known problem. In fact, no has yet asked for a return but a mere replacement in hope that the replaced unit won’t have this issue. With LeEco being silent on this issue, it is clear that they know about this problem & are not wishing to fix the problem. We have sent an email to LeEco India Team regarding this problem & will update back once we hear back from them.

Update from LeEco: The Le 2 is designed not only for slimness, but also for durability. With a slim In-cell Display, the interiors of the Le 2 have an additional gasket design, which serves as a display cushion when a user presses on the display too hard. The gasket deflects, takes up and spreads the load offering some protection from over-press or overloading in a small area. This will not affect the overall performance of the device. This additionally protects your screen from shattering and water marks on the display. Considering there is a small play (~0.15mm) between the display module and the gasket itself, if for any reason over and above any normal usage scenario, the user does force press the display, this might eventually touch the gasket and cause the so called “creaking” noise that is primarily due to the electrostatic adherence between the 2 surfaces. This is no way affects the quality, design or durability of the device. This is an outside scenario which requires substantial force, which would not come in a normal usage scenario.

There were some references to this behaviour causing problems during copy paste. We have verified on multiple devices that the significant amount of force required to reproduce this issue does not come into play during a copy paste operation.

Editors Note: We generally purchase devices from these e-commerce portals on a hope that they would offer us better support & service since we have seen bad or lower service directly from the brands. In this specific issue, the brand has also sold their devices on their own store ie for the first time in India, but surprisingly even after purchasing the Phones from Flipkart there’s no resolution for this. We have already had better experience from Amazon & this is another experience that suggests us to shop only on Amazon over Flipkart because of these policies.

Till then we hope you share this story with others & comment below if you have had any issues with your LeEco devices & what’s the resolution from the brand on this.


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