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Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Likely to Release Next Month: Report



The much anticipated foldable smartphone, which is the first from Samsung had gained immense popularity during the launch and later has been blistered when the American review units delivered had faulty elements, which led to an affront in the media, globally. It further led to delay in the official launch of the Galaxy Fold device to consumers as well. There were several foldable display and the hinge issues, which allowed several tiny debris sticking under the display, eventually causing damage to the foldable screen.

This led Samsung to postpone its first global launch to consumers inevitably, which now appears to have some development. According to a new Yonhap news report, Samsung is said to be launching its Galaxy Fold smartphone to consumers likely by next month. The report further suggests the upcoming Galaxy Fold smartphone is currently undergoing carrier network testing, including the interworking test amongst the carriers.

The network interworking test includes a test to check the respective terminal in the device which suits the corresponding network, and it is said that the process would go on for a month and a half before the official launch. This suggests the much awaited Galaxy Fold launch is indeed imminent by next month.

The report further indicates that Samsung is also addressing the current Galaxy Fold device issues which led to two significant concerns that include – the screen protector that guards the screen, and the gap between the hinge, which makes the device’s displays fold. Samsung has reportedly fixed the former issue by making the protector stick under the display unlike the earlier, which was said to be peeled off easily with a finger leading to the unfunctional screen.

Furthermore, the hinge gap between the displays is likely to be reduced as well, which previously had gaps between upper and lower portions of the hinge through which minute particles were penetrated resulting in the damage to the Galaxy Fold display. Fixing these primary issues of the device and networks being tested, we might expect a sooner launch of the much-anticipated Galaxy Fold device. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more such interesting updates.



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