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Samsung Smartphone Exploded in the Hands of a 6-Year Old Boy was not Galaxy Note 7



Now NBC New York confirmed that the exploded phone in the hands of 6-years old boy isn’t actually a Galaxy Note 7. It is actually the two years old Galaxy Core. The explosion caused an injury to the boys hand for which he got the treatment from nearby hospital and is now said to be fine. Though unlike Galaxy Note 7, the Galaxy Core hasn’t received more issues to make a recall. While the recall process is yet to be finished, the company is already providing loaner device. While usage of the Galaxy Note 7 is banned on most flights, now the buses and metro are also warning users not to use Galaxy Note 7. Till the replacement process is finished, Samsung is limiting the  maximum battery level to 60% for avoiding any further explosions.

Earlier: Sep 12, 2016 – If you are one of them who is yet to return the recalled Galaxy Note 7 smartphone for some reason, then this might make things clear a little bit. According to New York Post, a 6-year-old Brooklyn boy suffered burns after a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded in his hands while using it. The boy was quickly rushed to Downstate Medical Center via ambulance with burns to his body. Well, now this should be enough to make you return the devices back if you haven’t already.

According to the boy’s grandmother, he was watching Videos on the phone when this mishap happened. This incident set off alarms in the house post which he was rushed to give medical assistance. So now it’s not just during charging, the device can explode on you even when you are simply using it. It is definitely not a wise idea to use the smartphone anymore until it is replaced with a proper working one with non-exploding batteries. The boy’s family later stated that the boy has now returned home safely and is now even afraid to go near any smartphones.

They are still in contact with the company, but we don’t know any other info as to how the company is helping them. So the only thing to take from this incident is that you should immediately replace your unit if you haven’t already. This is not just a story anymore. Anyway, the company has now reported that it will be remotely deactivating the devices by the end of September which will render the device useless, and you will be forced to return it anyway. So it is advised that you return it now.

And this is not the first incident that we are reporting. There are a countless number of reports on the same. Take a look at few of them below –


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