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Samsung sends Explosion-Proof Note 7 Return Kit to users to return the device safely



Samsung has officially discontinued the Note 7 smartphone due to the repeated explosion incidents that took place at multiple places across the globe. Till now we there have been over 100 cases of explosion, so we believe this was the right thing to do after all. Well, they didn’t have a choice either, since most of carriers and partners refused to sell these devices. So to avoid further loss, the company took this decision.

But the only thing which was unclear is that, how is the company going to take these devices back from the millions of users who purchased them. Yes, there are literally a million of these smartphones outside in the wild, and it is definitely not going to be an easy task indeed. Well, one thing which you can do is, go to the shop from where you purchased the device and returned it yourself. Or alternatively, you can also wait for the Note 7 return kit which the company is sending out to the users.

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Yes, the company is very serious about this device, and they surely are aware of the fact that how dangerous these devices are. So Samsung is sending return kits to owners of the Galaxy Note 7 for disposing of their dangerous smartphone. The return kit is the most hilarious package we have seen till date. It contains fours boxes and some of them also have thermal insulation as well. They have also included an anti-static bag for putting your device inside that before placing it inside the box. You will also find an instruction manual as well as a pair of safety gloves. Check out the video below to see the package in all its glory.

Sending this smartphone back with this package will make you feel like a special agent sending out some highly dangerous equipment that has to be handled with maximum security. Okay that was totally an exaggeration. But all the jokes aside, we do believe that the company is doing what needs to be done here. This will make sure that the device reaches the company safely without exploding on the way back. And the last thing the company wants is a smartphone exploding on the back during the transit.

Well, if you are one of those, who still haven’t returned their devices back, then expect a package at your doorstep soon. And all you have to do is, power down the device, put it inside the box and send it safely to avoid any mishaps. Well, putting it inside the box will take some time, since there is more than one box to deal with here. But anyway, as mentioned earlier, the company is doing what needs to be done here, so we suggest you co-operate with them and do the needful and make sure these dangerous smartphones reach them safely, without hurting anybody on its return trip.


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