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Samsung officially discontinues the most controversial Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone permanently



Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone is officially dead now. To put it in a more subtle way, the company has finally decided to put an end to the most controversial smartphone year. So yes, if you were waiting to buy one of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, then you are out of luck or wait, maybe you were lucky enough not to own one and put yourself in danger.

The company launched the smartphone in the month of August and now one month down the line, here we are with over 100 of these smartphones exploding and catching fire. And now after announcing to return all the device yesterday, they now have finally confirmed that they will not be producing any Note 7 smartphones anymore. The same has been confirmed by the company as well in an official statement where they said that they will are now ending the sales and interim replacement for the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Timeline from Launch to Explosions to the $1 Billion Recall

And as a consequence of the same, they are also halting the production of the smartphone. Well, agree or not, this was supposed to happen long back. And pulling the plug finally makes a lot of sense. Once they got to know that the replacement units are also exploding, they should have pulled the plug that time itself. So they finally realized that it is better late than never. But on the other hand, we should appreciate the company’s efforts with the global recall.

And now that the smartphone is officially dead, it is now to be seen as to how the company will reclaim the devices that are still in the hands of the users. There are a ton of devices outside in the wild, where people are still using them. According to Samsung, follow-up measure for sale and the refund of the suspended and exchange with other products will be decided soon. So we are expecting by coming week or so, all these devices will go back safely.

Meanwhile, all the carriers and the partners were also told to stop the sales of the smartphone. Even replacement units were not to be given. So this leaves the users with an only option to return back the device and get some other device or get a full refund for it. So if you haven’t done it yet, then it is advised that you immediately return it back and get a full refund or buy some other device.

And as far as the reason for the explosion is concerned, it has been reported that the company is yet to complete the investigation on the latest exploding Galaxy Note 7 replacements. It is believed that the reason for the same is not just the battery. However, all these speculations and we will have to wait until the company gives us an official word on the same. So stay tuned for more info on this as we will update once we have more details on the same.


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