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Samsung introduces Secure Folder on Note 7, Personal version of Samsung KNOX



Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 this earlier last week here in India. This new device comes with a variety of new features including a new Iris Scanner and an improved S Pen. One of the main questions was, what is the company doing in terms of software? Well, the software has a lot of UI changes as well. Also, there are some exciting new features this time around. One of the most important features to notice is the new Secure Folder.

If you may or may not remember, the company unveiled something called the ‘Private mode’ with the Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge. That was a good thing to have, but the functions were limited. But this time with the new Galaxy Note 7, they added a new feature called the ‘Secure Folder’. This is something on the same lines of Samsung KNOX and the ‘Android for Work’, where you have an ability to create your own workspace. It is basically like a secure second profile within your smartphone. In other words, you can call the Secure Folder, a highly secure KNOX profile for personal use.

secure 1

So essentially this Secure Folder allows you to have your own personal set of apps secured within the folder. In fact, your can duplicate the apps as well. So if you have a business Gmail account which you want to hide, then you can simply add the account within the secure folder. It will be accessible only when you get inside the folder. No one will ever find out that it even exists as it doesn’t allow notifications also unless you want it to. And as mentioned earlier, you can run duplicate the apps on your smartphone as well. It works seamlessly without any issues. For instance, if you run the camera app in the secure folder, the photos which you take will not pop up in the main photos or the other gallery app which you use.

The possibilities are countless here, and you can literally go crazy with this in terms of security. This is one of the features we are looking forward to seeing in the stock Android. But it may never see the light of the day ever. With that being said, stay tuned for more info on this.


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