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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Vs S6 Edge Comparison & What’s Better



Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Vs S6 Edge - Featured

The Galaxy S6 Edge was a hit in terms of the sale when the company announced the device earlier this year, according to the numbers from Company; Galaxy S6 Edge has outperformed the Galaxy S6 in terms of sales. Now with the arrival of the new improved sibling, S6 Edge Plus, it is a choice between two Samsung devices, S6 Edge Plus, and S6 Edge.

After six months of introducing the S6 Edge to the world, Samsung is hoping to cash in the trend of large devices that Note series has been enjoying. Instead offering a dual-edge display in the Note series, the company decided to keep the momentum with S6 Edge Plus.

Since, S6 Edge+ is an interesting device and has a few enhancements that put it in the league with new Galaxy Note 5. We think it’s time to highlight the finer points of the new S6 Edge+ so that your decision to buy any of the two phones can be easier.


The only thing that is significantly changed on the Galaxy S6 Edge+ is the large screen size, which is now at 5.7-inch, the same as the one on the Note 5. The curves on the 5.1-inch S6 Edge display have been scaled up to meet the dimensions of the new large screen size.

More or less, there is a same solid metal frame, Corning glass on the front as well as on the back of the device. Available in the similar color choices (expect regional exclusivity) like S6 Edge, the S6 Edge+ still hides the wireless charging under the back panel. And if you look at the camera pod, which houses the same 16MP sensor, has been changed to black instead of white in the white color variant of the device. There is one more physical change that is noticeable on the device is the loss of IR port on the top edge of the device and the ensuing change of microphone hole.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus - Hardware

This question is sure to arise that whether or not the large screen is a good or bad change, which all depends on the personal choices. Samsung wants their new S6 Edge+ to be a media consumption device, and thus the large screen for the dual-edge display lovers.

Though, talking about how comfortable it would be to hold on hand, it would vary according to the users, some may prefer average size while some may prefer large screen for media consumption. We had a bad experience with S6 Edge when it comes to holding the device in one hand and operating it, we can’t imagine it any better with a large screen. But if you’re keen on getting the new S6 Edge+ we recommend you must try holding the device to know whether you’re comfortable in holding the device or not.


The TouchWiz UI on S6 Edge+ is more or less have the same UX that has been introduced in the S6 and S6 Edge six months ago. Though, you see that it is based on the latest Android Lollipop 5.1.1. The interesting additions that can be seen on the S6 Edge+ are a new YouTube live streaming feature integrated on the camera app of the device, such as on the Note 5. Considering that it is not a new camera, we don’t see why it should be any exclusive to the new Galaxy devices, and would eventually make their way to the S6 and S6 Edge soon.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus - YouTube Live

Beyond basic differences in the look of icons and some launcher styling, there are only two more changes that are significantly big and are about how edge screen works. Samsung has given a boost to multitasking with improved “People Edge” and “App Edge” features. The people edge now can be launched from any screen unlike previously, which was restricted to the home screen and lock screen. Moreover, now you can also configure it to launch anywhere on the side and not just at the top. The App Edge can now be launched when the people edge is exposed giving you more ways to multitask on your device.

Tiny Bump in Specs

Internally, there is not much differentiation between the S6 Edge+ and S6 Edge, as both sport same display type, resolution but a large 5.7-inch size. And there’s a familiar Octa-core Exynos processor alongside the increased 4GB (1GB more than S6 Edge) of RAM. Moreover, there is a considerable bump in the battery capacity to 3000mAh from 2600mAh on S6 Edge. In the both cases, the faster charging and Wireless charging is supported, but the S6 Edge+ offers faster wireless charging support too.

Battery Life

The one thing that we didn’t like on the S6 Edge was its battery life, which gave less than 4 hours SOT (Screen-on-Time) for a 2600mAh capacity. Now considering that there is a 3000mAh capacity battery on the S6 Edge+ it should give a good battery life, moreover it is on par with Note series of handsets.

Though, the once extra addition regarding the battery is that the bigger S6 Edge sibling would also boast the faster wireless charging, which is like a gem for the Qi charging users. The company claims that S6 Edge+ can be fully charged from zero to hundred in 120 minutes via Wireless Charging Pad; it is even better than what other flagship devices offers with the wired charging.

Value for Money or Not?

Coming to the price point, the new handset from South Korean giant has already been released in some countries like the United States, India and today in company’s home country, Korea. Launched at a price of Rs 57,900 in India and around $800 (without contract) pricing in the United States, which varies according to the carriers.

This is a hefty pricing even for a power packed device such as S6 Edge+, which packs more RAM, larger display, and increased battery capacity when compared with the S6 Edge. The original dual-edge display phone is currently available in the market for around Rs 42,000 (approx. $650). So, the final decision falls on the consumers, whether they are ready to pay the hefty amount for these small upgrades or not.

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