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Samsung Galaxy S6 survives Drop Test, Scratch Test & Smash Test



S6 Drop Test

When we talk of glass, we think of cracks at the very first moment. That is not quite the case now, as the new version of Gorilla Glass 4 is able to resist that to an extent, and it isn’t easy to break it with a drop from considerable amount. At least, that is what we found from the drop test we did on a solid concrete floor at the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch event in New Delhi.

Smartphones some time don’t even survive a drop, and you see the screen getting cracked even when there is a plastic back that is said to be taking off the pressure. Samsung’s new design strategy, with a two-side glass body and a metal frame on the side, should look more delicate in the hand, but in actual, is quite rigid.

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Check out the video to know more. A couple dents on the metal frame, won’t hurt you at all, as long as the Gorilla Glass 4 is able to resist the fall from a height of over a meter.

We did some scratch test with keys and such stuff that usually gets along in the pocket, and it actually didn’t show any scratches. That was on the S6 Edge, while the drop test was done on the Galaxy S6, and it seemed to do pretty well.

Some wanted to know if it survives more than this. Check the video below, you’ll then know why Samsung is very confident about the build quality of the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge.

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