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Samsung Galaxy ON7 Camera Review with Sample Photos



The market is filled with 13MP cameras these days, especially when it comes to the mid-range smartphone scene. Now every other manufacturer has realized that consumers are more focused on camera features than most of the parts on a smartphone. The latest gadget to come with the same resolution is the Galaxy ON7, which was launched by brand yesterday in India. We played with the camera on the device for quite a while, below is our camera review of the same.

Sporting the 13-megapixel resolution camera, the ON7 nails one thing for sure, offering a camera on par with other mid-range phones. Most of the smartphones in the mid segment sport the similar resolution camera and that seem to fit the value for money as well. But do those cameras offer good color reproduction, white balance and a good amount of ISO sensitivity? Well not all of them.

Alongside the rear camera module on the ON7, there is a single LED flash to accompany the camera during low light captures. Although, I’m not sure that’s a good Idea, to use the LED Flashlight because all it would do is over saturate the colors and disturb the white balance.

Artificial Light – Gallery

The camera captures some of the phenomenal shots in the daylight as well as in artificial light, I mean if you compare it with other 13MP sensors in the market, you’ll like what you see. For that, you have our camera samples to judge. The broad daylight samples are what they appear to be, detailed oriented. The Color reproduction is good as they come out with enough brightness and thus white balance good.

Natural Light – Gallery

Talking about the low light captures, though, they weren’t as impressive as we thought so. You can clearly see the grains in the captures and moreover, the Flash doesn’t necessarily help in all conditions. The LED flash did the job pretty well in low light conditions, but when we throw the same light in a Darklight condition, the outputs came out to be oversaturated.

Low Light – Gallery

There are quite the numbers of modes available on the device apart from Auto mode including Pro, Panorama, Continuous Shot and Beauty face. Out of these, my favorite is the Pro mode, where if you increase the exposure at full, then you can get good low light captures, although, details would be less, as they would be grainy. But the positive part is that there would be something visible, better than taking it in Auto mode.

The video quality it can shoot up to 1080p resolution, which is as good as it gets on any smartphones with a similar sensor. There is no OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) support on the camera, but you do however have an inbuilt software stabilization that removes the shakes as much as possible. I would give video recording a rating of pure eight out of ten.

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The 5-megapixel Front facing camera is similar that you can find on the little sibling, the Galaxy ON5. We played out with a camera and came out with similar conclusion. It is good for selfies captured in daylight while low-light selfies lack details and looks grainy, thanks to the f/2.2 aperture number. You get two modes apart from the default selfie mode; Wide Selfie and Interval Shot. The first one allows you to take a wide selfie with up to 120 degree angle while the second one is like the Continuous Shot on the rear camera, which allows you to take four interval capture shots and select the best picture out of it.


The Samsung Galaxy ON7 has the best camera when it comes to comparing it with their other smartphones in mid-range. As well as it is quite better than what you see on the Lenovo K3 Note and Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G. Whereas camera on Honor 4X is quite good and gives tough competition in the market. So, the Galaxy ON7 is a good enough camera phone to consider it as your first smartphone.


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