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Acer Liquid Z530 Camera Review with Sample Photos



The budget range in Indian is ever expanding; one cannot deny the fact it is going to change a lot of things in coming years. This year particularly we saw budget smartphones from Tier-2 brands with good specs beating most of the Tier-1 brands. But once in a while a big name comes in and change the way we see the market. The Acer’s new Liquid Z530 is that phone. The device is one of the budget friendly Selfie phones launched this year. Let’s talk more about how the cameras on the device perform in detail.

The device sports 8-megapixel resolution sensor on the rear as well as on the front, while on back the camera is accompanied by the LED Flash there is no Flashlight feature alongside the front-facing module. The sensor boasts f/2.0 lens for rear and front facing camera while the same thing applies to the front facing camera.

Coming to the talk of camera interface, it has much sophisticated UI and yet very complex features in the form of different modes and features. Aside the video button, there is a pop-up menu, which hides all the interesting things the camera can do. They are calling it a Hybrid UI, which allows you to change the scene modes like into Landscape, Night, Night Portrait and Normal Portrait. And these are just scene mode. It has more to offer.

Natural Light – Gallery

Other than normal mode, there are nine capture modes that you could use while capturing the photos on Liquid Z530. Naming all the modes; HDR, Panorama, Beautification, Bright Magic, Smile Shutter, Picture with Sound, Multi-angle View, Presentation and Gourmet. Those are just modes in photo settings. The most interesting mode was the multi-angle and presentation modes.

Multi-angle allowed us to capture a scene from different angles and later experience that in the phone while the presentation mode would be something useful for professionals. Capture anything and crop them into what you would like to showcase in the presentation. It would automatically create a slideshow with the in build Smart Note Editor. Isn’t that amazing stuff!

Artificial Light – Gallery

The broad daylight captures on the device are admirable, but sometimes they looked too artistic in HDR modes. The artificial light captures also had the same thing, but most of all what I noticed was that the white balance was not quite right on the captures. And then there was an issue with Autofocusing, the camera had a hard time detecting the object. Though, you can surely come over that issue when you use the manual focus.

The captures taken in low light lacked the details, and you can hardly see what is hiding in the photo. Both normal and HDR captures weren’t good on the device. Here the Bright Magic mode comes into help as it increases the exposure and you have good bright outputs. Although, they would also be grainy. Talking about the video capabilities of the device weren’t up to the standard we were hoping. It is capable of recording the videos up to 1080p resolution, but we didn’t like the outputs when we saw on the device.

Low Light – Gallery

The front facing camera is the USP of the device as claimed by the company. At first we didn’t really liked the outputs of the Selfie Cam because they also lacked the natural look one looks for the camera. The software optimization was overdoing the color reproduction and making them too artistic. But that was in normal and beautification modes while the Bright Magic mode revealed good details in the captures. Once you zoom the captures were taken in normal and beauty modes, it was also noticeable that grains were present in all captures while the captures taken in Bright Magic mode didn’t have much grain once you zoom in the pictures.


The Acer Liquid Z530 is a selfie dedicated phone. Does it offer good camera outputs on both rear and front modules? We would say that it has the potential to be good among the budget range of handsets in the country. Although, note one thing that Liquid Z530 isn’t a real deal when it comes to the talk of natural capturing. But it does offer an incredible set of modes and features that you can play around and eventually get what you want, a good image sample, which you have to work hard for it.

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