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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Always On Display updated with a new feature



Samsung has pushed yet another update to the newly launched Galaxy Note 7’s Always On display. Earlier, we saw how this new version supports notifications from third-party applications as well.  Now with the new update, the always on display will also show song info of the track playing. However, this feature is limited to the native music application from Samsung, with the support for third party apps like Spotify etc. coming maybe in Future.

This is just a minor update, but definitely worth taking a note. It is good t0 see that the company is updating the devices with more and more new features.


Earlier: Samsung is known for introducing new features in their smartphones. One of the most talked about feature of the Samsung Galaxy S7, and the S7 Edge was the ‘Always On’ display. It was implemented by another manufacturer like LG on their G5, but it Samsung’s display was way better than what we saw earlier. LG G5 has an LCD and hence all the pixels were light up and hence they had to reduce the brightness to very low. Also Motorola’s Active display does a great job on the hand. We had done a comparison between the ‘Always On’ display on the S series smartphone and the Motorola’s Active display.

But in the case of Samsung’s AMOLED panel, this was nicely implemented and works great. But the only drawback of this feature was it shows only the Time & Date, or the calendar and only few stock apps notifications. This is not a deal breaker, but it was still a led down when it comes to this feature. But now apparently, the company has decided to do something about it.

The ‘Always On’ display which was introduced with older S variants, is now updated to a new version which comes pre-installed on the newly launched Galaxy Note 7. This is v1.7.12, and it now supports notifications from third-party applications as well. It is great to see that the company is actually listening to the consumers’ requests and doing the needful.

So earlier it only used to support notifications from stock applications like S Planner and messages etc. But now it can also support notifications from applications like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, etc. This is a very good move by Samsung as this will allow users to make more use of this feature and make the most out of it. But if you want your S7 & S7 Edge smartphone to show notifications like this from third-party apps then check out our workaround method for the same. But note that it can get tricky to uninstall the application once installed. And as mentioned earlier, Samsung devices uses an AMOLED panel. Hence it is not going to drain your battery also like few other smartphones.

Talking about the new features in the Note 7, it also comes with an upgraded S Pen, which can perform some other interesting new tricks. One such interesting feature includes the ability to select a portion of the YouTube Video and save it as a GIF image. There are a lot new features with this new device. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is going to be launched in India on August 11th, so stay tuned for more coverage on that.


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