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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is now banned on Chinese Flights, but Sales Continue



Samsung is almost facing the hardest times in the last decade or so because of the series of battery explosions of its devices. It also mentioned that the company has identified only 35 incidents all over the world till Sep 1st, but the Canada-based government agency ‘Health Canada’ reported that more than 70 Galaxy Note 7 explosions occurred just in the U.S. The usage of Galaxy Note 7 was also banned on flights by many governments, even India also banned the device where the company is yet to ship the devices.

Today, Chinese Civil Aviation Authorities joined alongside the other governments by banning the usage and charging of the device in the flights. The device can’t be placed even in the checked in baggage. The CAAC also ordered the airlines to remind the users about the safety alerts. While the sales of the Galaxy Note 7 are stopped all over the world from September 2nd except in China.

While the 70% of the total Galaxy Note 7 devices used the Samsung SDI batteries which are the main reason for the explosions, but the Chinese variants of Note 7 came with batteries manufactured by the local company called ATL. Now ATL is said to received even bigger order as Samsung need to make the replacement devices available as soon as possible. As of now, all the users of Galaxy Note 7 including the ATL batteries powered devices will be not the allowed to use their devices onboard of the Chinese flights. Already Chinese airlines including Hainan Airlines and Capital Airlines prohibited the users from carrying the Galaxy Note 7 devices.

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The company is also asking its Galaxy Note 7 customers to return the devices as soon as possible. Samsung is also said to release the software update which make the 60% charging level as the maximum. Once the users updated their devices, the device cannot take the maximum input of power which in return make the devices safe. Despite all these issues, the device is still sold in China. Stay tuned on Phone Radar more details in the coming days!


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