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Samsung Galaxy A5 Tips, Tricks, FAQs and Useful Options



Samsung Galaxy A5

Samsung may have taken all us by surprise by announcing an all metal body smartphones range that we know as A series, which includes A3, A5 and A7. Here we are particularly talking about the Galaxy A5. For those who owns the device, we have some tips and tricks to share with you. So, let’s move on shall we.

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What are the Motion Gestures features present on the Samsung Galaxy A5?

Samsung Galaxy A5 - Motion Gestures

The Samsung Galaxy A5 features some of the traditional smart gestures that can be found on most of the company’s devices. There are total of three such features present, Smart Alert, Mute/Pause and Palm Swipe to Capture. Talking about the Smart alert first, after enabling the service, your device will notify you of the missing calls and messages by vibrating when you pick it up. The second feature of Mute/Pause allows you to silent the device using certain gestures like placing palm on the screen, turning device over. While the third gesture of swiping from side to side will capture the screenshot.

How to use the Multi-Window feature on my Samsung Galaxy A5?

The Multi-Window multitasking is a quite popular feature of Samsung, which we first saw on the original Galaxy Note. It is quite helpful feature when it comes to working on two apps at the same time. To enable this feature, you have to go to Settings app and tap on Multi-Window option. Now further, you have to toggle the button to ON. Remember, you can opt for automatically opening content in Multi-Window view, when an application is open in full-screen view.

How to customize the Lock Screen on my Samsung Galaxy A5?

There are many ways offered by Samsung to customize the Lock screen on A5. First of many would be the security, where you can choose a pattern, PIN, or password as your choice for screen lock security. While there are options to add dual clock, increase clock size, show date, and yes, the camera shortcut too. There are some good unlock effects like Abstract tiles, geometric mosaic, popping colors, and ripple. You can choose any of them to change the appearance of lock screen.

What are the One-Handed Operations that can be used on Samsung Galaxy A5?

Samsung Galaxy A5 - One-Handed Operation
The One- handed operations are quite popular in handsets with large screen display, like the Galaxy Note family. The same feature is also available on the Galaxy A5. You can enable this feature from Display and Wallpaper section in the settings area. Where you have to tap once on One-handed operation option, and then toggle the switch to ON. Now to initiate the operation, you have to swipe from the mid-point of the left or either right-hand edge of the screen to the middle and back. This should be done in one quick motion.

What are the Screen Modes present on the Samsung Galaxy A5?

There are bunch of screen modes offered by Samsung on its Galaxy A5 model, where you can select which mode you would like to use on the display.
Here the most ideal screen mode would be the adaptive mode, which would optimize the color saturation, range, as well as sharpness of your display for all the contents you view. You can also opt for AMOLED cinema, AMOLED photo, or either go with basic mode.

What is the Smart Stay feature on the Samsung Galaxy A5?

The Smart Stay feature on the Galaxy A5 would detect your face with the front camera, which will make sure that whether you are using your phone or not, and it might be a battery saver too. There are some tips you need to keep in mind to make sure that it works correctly. You have to hold up the device steadily and upright, when the front camera is not being used by any other app on your device.

What is the Private Mode on the Samsung Galaxy A5?

Samsung Galaxy A5 - Private Mode

The private mode offers you to hide your content from prying eyes. To do that you have to first go to settings app, and tap on Private mode, to set up the unlock method, which includes PIN, password or pattern. Now to lock any media content, you have to go to gallery app, then select the files that you want to hide. Now open the menu options, there you will find “Move to Private” option enabled. Tapping on that would move your content to a private folder, which would be now secured with your PIN. The final step would be to turn OFF the private mode in order to completely hide the image.

What is the Blocking Mode feature on the Samsung Galaxy A5?

This is quite interesting and useful during some situation, when you don’t want to turn off the device or even silent it. Turning ON the blocking mode will give you complete and utter silence. Or else, you can choose to only block notifications, and let the calls come through. But if you are worried that emergency contacts may try to call you but you have blocked them all. Well, that is easy, you can just set some contacts that you think would be needing your assistance in emergency. Remember you can also set a time limit according to your needs. So, say cheerio to that clutter free life.

What is My Places feature on the Samsung Galaxy A5?

My places feature is something that one would like on their smartphone if they like to personalize the experience based on their location. And by personalization, we don’t mean appearance. By saving you favourite places in the Location settings of the device, which is found in the Settings app. You will get relevant information and services by recognising saved locations on your device. It is all done using Maps, Wi-Fi, or either Bluetooth. You can set number of favourite locations, like home, work, car, movie theatre, etc. The usage is limitless if you go to different places a lot.

How to share your Samsung Galaxy A5 screen with another device?

The Galaxy A5 has a dedicated feature to mirror the application, and it’s called screen mirroring. You have to go to the settings app, and tap on “NFC and sharing” option, there you will find screen Mirroring option too. Tapping on it will open a new window, where you can turn ON the service. The available device to mirror your screen would be showcased in the below list. Just tap on the available device, and you will be connected to it. Now you can stream all the media to a bigger screen.

How to turn ON the Easy Mode on the Samsung Galaxy A5?

Samsung Galaxy A5 - Easy Mode

If you want your Galaxy A5 interface to be very compact, then easy mode is the option you should go with. To enable this mode, you need to go to Settings app and personalization section. There you will find the Easy mode option, just tap on it and switch from standard to easy mode. After switching, the icons will appear big, and you can add your favourite contacts directly from the home screen. You can exit the easy mode by following the same steps, just remember you have to tap on the standard mode instead.

How to switch to the Emergency Mode on the Samsung Galaxy A5?

This mode is a life saver for those who just can’t live without their phones. To help you understand the importance of the feature, let us give you an example. Assume you are on an adventure trip, and the battery life of your phone is about to die, and then this would be one of the options that would provide you an incredible standby time on your phone. We tested it out when the battery was only 20%; the emergency mode estimated that it could stand by the device for around two days, which is unbelievable but true. To turn it ON, you just have to launch Settings app and go to safety assistance option, and tap on it. Now you have to tap further on Emergency Mode, and toggle the switch to ON if you want to turn ON the emergency mode.

How to Send help Messages from your Samsung Galaxy A5?

God forbid if you ever stuck into a situation where emergency help is required. But if you do, then Galaxy A5 can help you notify your emergency contacts about the situation via a quick message notification. You can send in the pictures and voice recording as well. All this in just three quick press on the power button.

What are the Power Saving Modes on the Samsung Galaxy A5?

Samsung Galaxy A5 - Power Saving Mode

Samsung has the usual power saving modes that are mostly found on all the mid-ranger and even on flagships of the company. To activate these power
saving modes, you have to go to Settings app and tap on the power saving option. Then, you can select from a bunch of options. You can either go with greyscale mode and restrict data as well as performance too. Or you if the battery is too low, and you are looking to get more time out of it, then you should switch to Ultra power saving mode. But remember that, in ultra power saving mode only limited functionality would be there. Like you could still call and text, but no apps would be working in this mode. Exiting the mode is also easy, just tap on menu option and disable the ultra power saving mode.

How to customize the notifications panel on the Samsung Galaxy A5?

The notification panel is divided into active and available buttons. You can add up to 10 buttons on both the parts. You can rearrange the quick settings in the panel, by expanding it first, then tapping on edit option, which open a drag and drop interface. You can drag and drop the options that you like to see on active and available parts. Take your picks.

What is Samsung Smart Switch app on the Galaxy A5?

Samsung doesn’t want you to struggle when you switch from any other Android device or iPhone to a Samsung device. Providing a solution to that struggle, company has an app named Samsung Smart Switch. It is an easy way to transfer all the contents from your old mobile to new Samsung device. You just have to download the app from Samsung Galaxy Apps, Google Play Store or Apple App Store on both the devices. Then, launch the app and bring both the devices within 4-inch of each other. Now select the option, whether you are importing from iPhone or an Android device. Select contents like media, texts, call logs, it even has options to transfer Wi-Fi settings and alarms. And then hit “OK” to transfer the contents.

Will Samsung Galaxy A5 get the Android 5.0 Lollipop update?

Well, there was no official announcement has been made by Samsung. But it is highly likely that the A series would get Android Lollipop update given that they all comes with 64-bit powered processor and is considered under premium range. So, yeah, you should have a higher hopes that the Galaxy A5 would likely get the Android Lollipop update soon.


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