Lenovo A6000 Tips, Tricks, FAQs and Useful Options

by Vishal Toshiwal 18

Lenovo A6000

The mobile smartphone industry in India has taken up a trend of seeing the launch of affordable 64-bit powered processors while the country is yet to receive the 4G network services in most of the metro cities. But with increasing trend, smartphone users can’t resist opting for the 64-bit processor, which also makes those phones ready for to taking full advantage of the Android Lollipop update.

For those who have gone ahead and purchased the Lenovo A6000, we have some tips to share which would make your device more efficient to usage.

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How to Turn ON/OFF the Dolby Digital sound on the Lenovo A6000?

Lenovo A6000 - Dolby Digital

The dual Dolby Digital speakers on Lenovo A6000 will make your gaming and video playback experience quite immersive. To enjoy that Dolby experience you have to enable the feature first. Now to do that you have to launch the Dolby app from Home screen, or you can either access it from the Settings app. Now to get an example you can listen to the demo of what it would sound like when you play a movie, Music, Game, or a voice audio. Or else you can customize the effects by managing volume leveler, Dialogue Enhancer, Surround Virtualizer, as well as change the Graphic Equalizer type to, Manual, Open, Rich, or either Focussed.

How to customize the home screen on the Lenovo A6000?

There are many ways through which you can customize the looks of the home screen on the Lenovo A6000. The swipe to change wallpapers is something that peaked our interest. Where you can change the wallpapers just by swiping left or right on the edge. It is quite convenient feature. Talking about the home screen customization, you can also enable the Wallpaper Scrolling feature, and change the transition effect from the same settings. As well as select the desktop gestures for scroll down and double tap.

How to turn on the Portable Hotspot/Tethering on the Lenovo A6000?

Lenovo A6000 - Portable Hotspot

The mobile data services in the country are gaining traction, and we think that this would be the feature that would be quite helpful when your family or a friend needs internet access. And if you are one of those people who are dependent on data packages while traveling, then you can share your internet connection with your colleague or a friend. Now to do that it is quite easy, you just have to open the Portable Hotspot app present on the Tools folder. It is quite interesting that Lenovo has made this feature available as a separate app. But if you want to go traditional you can always access this feature from the Settings app. There you have to toggle the WLAN hotspot switch to ON, as well as you can turn ON the tethering over Bluetooth or USB from there only.

What is Syncit Application on the Lenovo A6000?

This app is a saviour when it comes to backing up and restoring the contacts. Though which isn’t its USP, as it can also backup the call logs, as well as the SMS inbox on the device. Interesting, right? You can easily backup all of those data on SD card or either on Cloud.

What is the Shareit Application on the Lenovo A6000?

On an effort to provide services like Motorola Migrate, Lenovo pre-installs an app called Shareit, which integrates a feature where you can clone all the data present on your old device to the new one. But note that this app needs to be installed on the sender device too. Also, remember that both the device needs to be on the same Wi-Fi in order to send or receive the contents from either of them.

What is the Security Application on the Lenovo A6000?

Lenovo A6000 - Security App

The Security app pre-installed on Lenovo A6000 is your go-to app for all things related security. Whether it is to revoke the selected apps from few unnecessary permissions or you have to see data usage, then this is the app you can use. The Security app also offers to check for virus, spams and thefts on your phone. While at it, you can also speed-up the device, and lock some controls and contents away as parental lock and private space.

What is the Clean Up app on the Lenovo A6000?

The separately present Clean UP app on the home screen is a part of Speed up section on the Security app, which allows you to free up some RAM. You can also set up an ignore list, which is if you want some apps to be running in the background.

How to use Location Services in Battery Mode?

There is always a way to optimize battery even if you want to use some services that will drain the battery too fast. For instance, the Location services have a battery saving mode when enabled it will limit the GPS usage to a minimum. To enable this, you have to launch the Settings app and then tap on Location. There you have to enable the location services first, and then only you will be able to switch the mode to battery saving.

How to improve my GPS location on the Lenovo A6000?

Lenovo A6000 - Location Services

If you travel or navigate a lot, then GPS might be something that you are often in need for. While the regular GPS on the device is good enough to determine the location of the device, the assisted GPS would help you in improving the precision of the location of the device. So, you can enable it right from the Location section on the Settings app. You just have to tick mark the checkbox in front of the option “Use assisted GPS”.

Will Lenovo A6000 get the Android Lollipop update?

Yes, come has confirmed that they will be rolling out Android Lollipop update for this 64-bit chipset powered smartphone. Now you would want to know when it will be coming to your devices. Well, the exact date is not shared by company but you can expect it to start rolling out in sometime, Quarter 2. And here’s hoping that it comes soon within the month of March.

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  • Harpreet Seera

    Can someone offer a tip on how to use 4G service on this device?
    My local Airtel store has told me that this phone is not listed as an Airtel approved phone to work on their 4G network. I dont know of any other network providing 4G services in Chandigarh or anywhere in India for that matter.


    I’m having trouble with Syncing Contacts on Lenovo a6000 with my Google Contacts. The Sync works fine from Computer to Phone, but refuses to work from Phone to Computer. Are you having the same problem? Very annoying. Tried a Factory Reset – which didn’t work either. Please help!


    How to solve the issue that not receiving any calls in my lenovo 60000 plus. I can make out going calls and skyp calls etc.

  • Mohan Kumar

    When my friend connect the phone to laptop directly it had got switched off, now it is not getting switched on, it says System Cum Android can not be processed, kindly advise what to do..

  • Mohan Kumar

    some one there answer this pls urgent..When my friend connect the phone to laptop directly it had got switched off, now it is not getting switched on, it says System Cum Android can not be processed, kindly advise what to do..send me via mail too at..s.mohanakumar@gmail.com

  • Rajesh

    Lenovo A6000
    I make a mistake my new smartphone!! Settings > Accessibility > there is a blinders mode that one I switch ON. after 5 min switch ON the mobile I can’t open password or anything.

    If I press the screen just talking the name. How can I make this OFF mode or reset normal mode.Please help me

  • Vivek

    I am unable to update my music player for which song in my sd card. Anyone have idea to how to update music player in Lenovo A6000 plus

  • Sashikanta

    Each time I send something to my lenevo a6000 via Bluetooth from any device it asks permission even if that device is paired. How to enable permanent access for paired device to send files without asking permission?

  • ram mohan reddy

    i too got same problem like rajesh can some one help me?
    Rajesh: if you have any solution towards this, pls kindly pass me through “kallam.rama@gmail.com” subjected as Rajesh

    • Sam

      Any one who knows how to obtain password for Lenovo A6000 while tethering into computer?

  • Vishal Kumar

    Can somebody tell me how to find hidden wlan network in Lenovo A6000 ?

    • Sam

      Does any one who knows how to obtain password for Lenovo A6000 while tethering into computer?

  • Debasish Dasgupta

    You wont receive the updates like you receive a sms. Switch on internet on your Lenovo A6000. Go to Application “Updates” and tap it. you will find the update there. Alternatively go to “Settings”. From there go to last option of “Settings” i.e. “About phone”. Tap it and you are through to ” System Updates”. Tap “system Updates” and you would get updates. the update is of 1.2 GB aprox. Ensure your phone battery doesn’t get discharged in between. After the updates are downloaded the phone starts to install them. It tok around 15-20 mins for my phone to get updated to Android 5.0.2 from Android KitKat 4.4.4.

    • Jason

      Hey can you please tell me if the Lollipop update works fine… I heard it slows down the phone… I have an a6000 and a6000 plus, am waiting to update it

  • Jason Gan

    hi guys i could not use the gps function for this phone. both waze and google maps are not working…..it keeps showing no gps showing approximate location and it took forever to detect gps signal… please help me…

  • Keerthivasan

    Hi frndzzz
    I unfortunately set the sharing as always via share it
    How can i change ir

    • Antar

      Goto settings>>apps tap on options>> tap on reset app preference

  • kishore

    When I open portable hotspot WLAN option is not shown what to do please help