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Remember the Turing Phone with 16GB RAM & 60MP Camera? The Company is Shutting Down



Back in 2015, Turing Robotic Industries (TRI) announced its first smartphone called as Turing Phone. It came with liquidmorphium (a.k.a liquid metal) body which is said to be tougher than steel and Titanium. While it was announced with Android OS, the device was actually launched with Sailfish OS. The company cited the security reason as the reasons for choosing the Sailfish OS. During early 2016, the company also shifted its global headquarters to Salo, Finland. It even announced to start manufacturing of the Turning Phones in Salo.

Later in April last year, it announced its partnership with one of the largest Chinese OEM TCL. Apart from selling TCL and Alcatel branded smartphone, the company also manufactures and sells Blackberry smartphones. In the coming months, we might also see Palm branded smartphones from TCL. Talking about the Turing Robotic Industries, it seems to be in deep trouble at its new home. The company is said to have filed for bankruptcy in Finland, and its assets are already seized by the local government.

Now, TRI posted on its Facebook page, saying, “We want you to know that this filing was initiated to temporarily suspend our manufacturing intentions in Salo, however it doesn’t mean that TRI is bankrupt.” While the post isn’t that clear, we might get more details in the comings days. Apart from partnering with TCL, TRI also announced $1 billion deal with another Chinese company Potevio for selling the Turing Phones.After launching its first ever smartphone, Turing occasionally came out with concept devices with weird names.

The TRI Cadenza is said to sport a 5.8-inch Quad HD (2560 x 1440 pixels) display. It is mentioned to feature dual processors along with 12GB of LPDDR4 RAM. There is also 1TB of storage space, i.e., 2 x 256GB of onboard storage and 2 x 256GB of storage via MicroSD card slots. In terms of optics, the Cadenza sports four Imax 6K cameras with 60MP resolution and 20MP dual camera setup on the front. With these specifications, the fate of the device looks nothing but impossible.



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