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Moto Z2 Force Shatterproof Display Ironically Peeling Off Under Normal Usage



Motorola launched the Moto X Force (a.k.a Moto Droid Turbo 2) with the new ShatterShield display technology in 2015. The company mentioned it to be unbreakable display and also offered four years of warranty. Unlike the regular displays which come with glass on top, the shatterproof display from Motorola is protected with plastic layer. For making the display shatterproof, the company went with a few trade-offs.

The ShatterShield display comes with five layer protection system and includes dual touch layers in the middle. On top of the dual touch layers are the interior and exterior lens for protection. While this display won’t be cracked or shattered, it can be easily scratched. However, the company is offering ShatterShield replacement lens that costs around $50. Even the Moto Z Force and Moto Z2 Force also came with the ShatterShield displays.

The above mentioned four years warranty is only for the display and interior lens, the user replaceable exterior lens is not included in it. Now, the Moto Z2 Force users are facing a weird issue with their devices. The user replaceable protection layer is said to be peeling off even under normal usage. According to the official website, the first layer of the protective lens is not covered under the four-year warranty.

The users are reporting that the top layer of the display is peeling off around the home button and corners of the display. Since the top protection layer is made of plastic, the heat generated by the device is expected to be the reason for the screen peeling issue. The device also supports Moto Mods like Moto Insta-Share Projector Mod and Moto 360 Camera Mod, which make the device hotter even after using for a few minutes.

However, the company is said to be charging $50 for fixing the issue even for the devices purchased a couple of months ago. We think this issue should be considered as a manufacturing defect. Even though the company offers a one-time replacement, the new layer will also start getting peeled off when the device gets hot. Let’s wait and see, how the company will address this issue. As of now, the company hasn’t changed its mind over this issue and is charging $50 for replacing the top protection layer.



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