Reliance Jio Prime BOGO Recharge Offer brings you 4G Data at Rs 8/GB for 1 year

by Amit Bhawani 11

Jio Prime Membership

Today we have just been told that Reliance has announced a new offer where they are offering a better deal for users who recharge for the whole year. If you recharge for 1 year you will be getting better returns in the form of free data that was earlier 28GB that now is increased by 5GB for the Rs 303 plan. The same benefit is offered on the Rs 499 plan where you get additional 10GB of data apart from the regular 56GB of data. Do make a note that you will have to recharge the same through JioMoney. Effectively the offer brings the cost of the data at just Rs 8 because you get 66GB of data for the Rs 499 recharge option.

Following is the graphical representation of the same.

Reliance Jio BOGO Year Offer

Offer Details: Get Rs 50/- discount voucher on every Jio Mobile Connectivity Recharge (“Jio Plan”) through JioMoney for Rs. 99/- or more during the offer period.

  • Offer starts from 15 th March, 2017 and is a limited period offer
  • Eligible Transaction is a successful Jio Plan recharge for the value of Rs. 99/-or more by using JioMoney wallet or from MyJio App and/or by logging into and making payment using JioMoney wallet during the offer period
  • Customer who makes a successful Eligible Transaction will get a Rs. 50/- discount voucher in the JioMoney app
  • The customer can redeem the discount voucher received only on the Jio Plan recharge for the value of Rs 303/- or more using JioMoney from 25 st March, 2017 till 30 th June, 2017
  • The customer can avail this offer only for 5 successful Eligible Transaction per user during the offer period
  • The customer can use one discount voucher per Jio Plan recharge of Rs. 303/- or more

Earlier: Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani made an official announcement of the Jio Prime Membership along with the news of Jio crossing 100 million subscribers in 172 days. Talking about the Jio Prime membership, it is the plan which the existing users can avail in order to continue using the benefits of the “Happy New Year” offer. Now, there has been a lot of confusion surrounding this new Jio Prime Membership offers and its price, etc. and hence we decided to break it down and give you all the information you need regarding the same.

We had earlier shared how you could signup for the Prime service though that was initially very tough because of the server issues. If you have not yet signed up for the same, you might check out the following offer that makes more sense since you get a better value for the first recharge itself and it is clear that reliance wants to get millions on board with the new Prime Service.

In an exclusive story, we wanted to let our readers know that Reliance is going to offer a Buy One Get One Free Recharge offer to the Prime users who sign up for Prime before the 31st March of 2017.

Reliance Jio Prime BOGO Offer

As you can clearly see that there are two options. One is if you recharge for 303 INR then you will get a free add-on of 201 INR which will fetch you 5GB data. On the other hand, if you recharge for 499 INR and above, you will get an add on of 301 INR which will again fetch you about 10GB of data. Do make a note that the benefits of the add-ons will be automatically given by Jio and all you have to do is simply recharge your account before 31st March 2017.

As mentioned earlier, this clearly seems like an offer to attract more people and get more subscribers on board the service. They already have over 100,000 million users onboard and imagine how beneficial this could be if most of them buy the Prime Membership. You can read more about ‘how much money they are expected to make’ here to understand everything details. And with that said, be sure to let us know what do you think about this. Would you be interested in this offer? Be sure to let us know in the comments below and stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more info like this.

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    That additional Data adds with daily uses ?

  • At 303 & 499, we are getting 1 & 2 GB daily for 28 days. So what is the validity period of these extra data of 5 & 10 GB if we have to recharge before 31st March, 2017?

    How can we use it till 31st March 2018 if we have to recharge for this before 31st March, 1017? Is it an one time offer?

    • Jitendra Sakariya

      As earlier news, 5 GB is valid for 28 days. When you cross the threshold 1 GB/Day, further data deduction will start from extra 5 GB.

      • Thanks, that day when the news got out, I didn’t know!

  • Krunal G

    Great news for those who are going to signup for Price membership. ??

  • Tom Demelo

    It is not 100,000 million just 100 million subscriber??

  • Vishal Giri

    Relience is taking too much care of their customers.. that’s great!!!

  • Meem Islam

    Here is nice thing

  • Meem Islam

    Ye hui na jio wali baat

  • Only one 50 rupees cashback voucher can be used at a time, so all the voucher have to be used up before June!!

    One more thing; from 25th March to 31st March we have chance for both, I mean to avail cashback voucher and redeem them! Can we do both in one recharge! ?

  • One important question: I have already recharged for 303 plan for first month to get 5 GB additional data.

    Now can I avail 15 GB additional data again by recharging​ with 909 for next 3 months ?