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Red to Give Free Aluminium Hydrogen One for those who Ordered Titanium Version



Well, Red started taking pre-orders for a smartphone 14 months ago which haven’t been supplied yet. The Red Digital Cinema founder and the Chief executive officer Jim Jannard has posted in the Red forum stating that the first run of Ti was a disaster. Ti here represents the titanium version of the Red Hydrogen One phone that went for pre-order more than a year ago and the company apologizes for not reaching the pre-orders. The buyers who have pre-ordered the phone will be getting a free aluminum one for free in October.

The Titanium version of the Red Hydrogen One phone is priced at $1,595 while the regular $1,295 for the aluminum model. Red is known for making top-notch cinematic quality cameras along with holographic 3D display and many movies like The Martian, Transformers and few more were shot on the Red cinema camera. A year ago, the company decided to bring its own smartphone in the market and named it as Red Hydrogen.

Red was supposed to be shipping the Titanium version of the Red Hydrogen to backers on 9th of October but griefing on the lack of supply, Jannard has stated that suppliers and the vendors were sure to have enough Titanium but underestimated the orders. To make up for this error, Red has promised to ship backers an Aluminium version of the phone for free who have committed to pay the full price fourteen months ago.

The backers will also receive the Titanium version also once there are available and hence can also retain the aluminum variant also. The carriers like AT&T, Telcel, and Verizon will also be selling the variant of the Red Hydrogen starting in November. Jannard has also stated that all the RED cameras are made in California at their factory in Orange Country and they have control over everything. Did you pre-order Ti? Comment in the section below and stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more news and updates on the same.



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