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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy the iPhone 7 & the iPhone 7 Plus compared to Android



Yesterday was a big day for Apple as they unveiled their next generation iPhones. These are called the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. These new iPhones are the successors to the existing iPhone 6s lineup, and they upgrade over them in many ways. But is it really worth buying them? Well, the answer to this is quite complicated. It depends on person to person and their choices. But the best we can do is give you our opinion or rather you can say reason as to why you should be buying the new iPhone 7 or the iPhone 7 Plus over any other Android smartphones out there.


Now before all the Android fanboys start hitting hard, let me be very clear that even Android eco-system has some of the most beautiful devices out there. But there is something about the new iPhone design which is better than any of that. Yes, it doesn’t have a curved display on the front nor is it made out of glass. It is built on the existing metal design and yet have managed to look fantastic. Eevn though there aren’t many changes to the design, but it still feels fresh. And that says a lot. Not many Android smartphones out there are capable of doing it. And not to forget the new Jet black and the matte black colours.


When we compare the new iPhones with any other Android smartphones in terms of specs on paper, iPhone is definitely going to loose. They still run on Quad-core chipsets, whereas we have octa-core and even deca-core processors in the Android eco-system. But the ultimate question is, do we really need all that power? And the answer to that is no. At least not in the case of the new iPhones. Yes, i said that because even some of the best Android smartphones out there which has an octa-core processor, still lags sometimes under extreme load. And when you talk about RAM, the new iPhones only have 2GB & 3GB of RAM for the iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus respectively. But it still manages to fly through the user interface, and no one can deny that.


As far as features are concerned, Android Smartphones are not easy to beat here. We do have some of the greatest features built into these smartphones. But even the new iPhones come with some of the unique features of their own. Apple always surprises us with some or the other new feature and this time it is the ‘Home button’. This is an extraordinary feature that we have here and hands down the best one to look forward to. All the Android smartphones have the same old clicking buttons or capacitive buttons, but here have something unique with a haptic feedback that gives you a feedback as if it is being pressed. But in theory, it is just a non-clickable button. It is very similar to how they do it with the force touch trackpad in Retina Macbook. Here also the home button kind of senses the force and gives feedback accordingly. It impressive how they do it.


Most of the new features of the smartphones are from the software part. The new upgraded Siri now works better than ever, and you can also use the newly launched Air pods to access it. iOS 10 also has some new features, that will allow users to use their iPhones more efficiently. The rich user interface which we have the software is one of the best. Also, it is so well optimised that users will never experience a sense of stuttering or lag through the tasks. Although the RAM is less compared to many other Android flagships, thanks to the excellent software optimisation that the experience is solid.

Well, if you are still not sure about the new iPhones then be sure to check out some of the comparisons that we did to show off the features like Camera etc. But overall, as Tim Cook kept telling “This is the best iPhone that they have ever made”. Yes, that’s true. Be sure to let us know what do you think about the new iPhones and if you are planning to pick one up. Also, stay tuned for more detailed news about the new iPhones.


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