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Australian Airlines Qantas, Jeststar and Virgin Australia ban Galaxy Note 7 on their Flights



It looks like Samsung isn’t going to have a peace of mind about its latest phablet handset as their Galaxy Note 7 is now banned from flying in Select Australian Airlines. If you were living under a rock up until now, let us give you a brief intro about what has happened for the past week.

Moreover than 35 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handsets has been reported to explode due to battery pack issue, which the South Korean giant is yet to fix. Though, the company did announce a recall of millions of Note 7 handset, which could potentially slam them of a $1 Billion loss.

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In the wake of such incidents, Australian Airlines, Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin Australia decided to ban the device from flying in their airplanes. It was just yesterday reported that FAA, the flying administration in the U.S. is going to decide whether or not to allow users to carry onboard the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handsets or not.

No final announcement has yet come from the agency. While it looks likes Australian Airlines beat them to this decision as they have formally announced the onboard ban from using the new Samsung phablet. All because Airline carriers don’t want to risk the safety of the crew and passengers.

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Though do make a note that Galaxy Note 7 isn’t explicitly banned from these flights, but it is being told that the ban is mostly for not plugging in the device to in-flight entertainment systems via USB ports.

A Qantas official has said in an email statement issued to Reuters that “Following the recall of Note 7 smartphone it has been requested that passengers who own this device should not switch ON or charge them in flight”.


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