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Razer Nabu Watch with Dual-Display, Dual-Battery Launched at $150



Razer, the San Diego-based manufacturer of gaming laptops and controllers, is no stranger to wearables, as the company has a Smartband and VR headset in the market right now. This year at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Company has showcased their first smartwatch, Nabu Watch, priced at considerable on lower at $150.

The Nabu Watch has two screens, each of them draws power from different batteries, thus giving the flawless blend of a watch and smart notification device. First and foremost, it is a watch with features like displaying time, countdown timer, stopwatch, world clocks, alarm and illuminated display. These functions are powered by a cell battery that can last up to 12 months.

The other display is an OLED that shows off activity and sleep tracking metrics with the help of accelerometer and notifications via connected smartphone. Note that this display and vibration motor uses a rechargeable battery, which is said to lasts for at least seven days. There is a proprietary magnetic charger that should be used to charge the battery.

The Dual Display means you don’t have to check OLED display in order to use the countdown time and other essential features mentioned. Apparently, what it means that you’ll switch to the power hogging screen less number of time and thus allowing the watch to last up to seven days. You can disconnect the pairing between smartphone and watch for when you needn’t want it to monitor your activities. Just use it as any standard watch.

The Nabu Watch from Razer has a compatibility with iPhone and Android smartphones via Bluetooth. You’ll be notified of calls, texts, emails and alerts from apps like Facebook and Twitter. The watch also ensures that the time setting is correct as it synchronizes with your smartphone. There are two models of the watch; the standard model is made out of polycarbonate material with Razer green highlights. While the Forged Edition model is made out of a Stainless Steel button and a premium black finish. They are rated 5ATM, which means it is water and shock resistant up to 5 meters.

Razer Nabu Watch (1)

Talking about the availability of the Razer Nabu Watch, it would be available later this month for $150, the price for the standard model. While the Premium Forged Edition Watch would be available for $200. The company has hit the CES floor if you’re in Las Vegas; check out their new smartwatch with dual displays.


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