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QBracelet – A Wearable External Battery Pack for iOS & Android Phones



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There are hundreds of devices available in the market that can accompany your smartphone whenever the battery is about to die, but out of those devices very few rare devices might fall under the category of a wearable charger. That’s right, an accessory which can be wore for its style and resourcefulness as it will juice up your electronic device sensibly.

Qbracelet iPhone Bracelet Qbracelet is a signature product of a new startup called Q Designs, which seeks to solve the smartphone battery issue as there is a great need of that. Sometimes people need to power their mobile devices, but generally don’t like to carry bulky chargers or even eternal battery packs. That’s when Qbracelet come into picture, with Q Design’s solution in the form of stylish bracelet, which is capable to charge your device at your convenience.

The wearable high tech charger will work with Android and iOS devices for now, the further support for other mobile platforms will be introduced later. No cord is needed in order to connect wearable tech with the devices as there is a lightning adapter for Apple products and micro-USB for Android devices is included inside the bracelet. The accessory can be split in the middle to open the charging port, as there is a hinge on one side and your choice of port – microUSB or Apple Lightning adapter- on the other side. You can simply pop it off the wrist and put your device into the charging port to juice up your phone.

Though, the battery power of this wearable tech is small, i.e. 1160 mAh, which is about 60% of the iPhone 5S battery or 45% the HTC One M8 battery. It will take approximately 60 minutes to recharge a smartphone, which will vary according to phone models. There is an option to get the device with a Lightning connector for iPhone or a micro-USB connector, which will be capable with most of the smartphones including Android, and the pricing is still same either way. The battery has a standby time of 30 days, which means it can carry its full charge up to 30 days, but since it is also a battery; its charge will decrease gradually as it drains out. The recharging time of bracelet is about 90 minutes, which has LEDs that will indicate the charge level.

The exterior of bracelet is made out of high-grade aluminum and it has a polycarbonate plastic material inside, making the accessory very durable and light to wear. It is designed for both men and women as it comes with several finishes and sizes and is recommended as follows:

  • Small (5 3/4 in) – Recommended for most women.
  • Medium (6 3/4 in) – Recommended for most men.
  • Large (7 3/4 in) – Recommended for most men with large wrists.


Qbracelet 1 Qbracelet 2

The Qbracelet is available in five color options, Brushed Black, Matte Black, Matte Silver, Polished Gold, and Polished Silver. It is up for pre-order right now at a special price tag of $79, which will later retail for $99 once regular sale started. The shipping of this stylish charger starts some time in winter this year.


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