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Prisma now Faster, works offline, Video feature coming soon – Download App



Prisma, the popular app which converts your pictures into artistic portraits, got an update today. We all know that this app uses sophisticated AI algorithms, to achieve the resultant pictures. And there were a lot of complaints about the app working online only. So it needs data connectivity to work. But now this functionality is moved to smartphones directly. Users will no longer need to stay connected to the internet for it work.

Yes, you read that right. Also, because of this new feature it merely takes a matter of seconds to re-draw your images. So according to the developers, a total of 16 filters are now available offline out of the total number which is 32. And they have also promised to bring more of them offline soon. And another thing to note here is, with this new functionality will also allow video processing capabilities in the near future. Yes, finally! No more manually editing your images and making a video out of it etc. And in case if you want to know how to make a video now with Prisma filters then be sure to check our tutorial for the same.

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With the ability of video editing, Prisma will now join the other apps as well like Artisto, etc. which already offers the video editing functionality. Also, it is expected that Prisma will offer better results as compared to other apps which are available now. So we just have to wait and see how this is implemented. Do make a note that these new changes to the Prisma App are currently listed on the iOS App. But an update to the Android App is also coming as early as next week. So stay tuned for more on this as we will update the thread once we have more detailed info on this.


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