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You can add Contact Directly on Facebook Messenger without adding as Friends soon



Facebook is very aggressive when it comes to experimenting new features for its services. They just recently rolled out an update to allow Facebook Live feature for all the Android and iOS devices in India. The Facebook and the Messenger app gets frequent updates. Also, the Messenger has evolved a lot over the past few years. On the same lines today, we may have a new feature soon. This new feature is going to be way more beneficial than you think. Facebook is testing out an ‘Add Contact’ feature, which is expected to make it’s way to the app soon. So this will allow people to message anyone by adding them to the app. You don’t have to add them as Freinds on Facebook also.

Also, note that Facebook already allows non-Facebook friends to message each other on Messenger. This can be done via message requests. But if this new ‘Add contact’ feature is added, then this might just become a completely new network by itself outside of the main Facebook Product. Messenger is also growing on a faster rate than the main product itself. Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, also stated that the importance of the messenger app to the business. Now you can also contact the U.S President directly from the Messenger app and send in your queries, suggestions or requests etc. This is a new initiative by the U.S Government and is only available on Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger

So now that the messenger is becoming so popular, Facebook will now focus more on developing this new app and making it more mainstream. But as of now, we don’t have any info about the exact timing of the launch of this update. But it is expected that the update will be rolled out soon since it is already in development. And we all know that the company will not test something out of the bloom if it is not planning to implement it in the final product. So stay tuned for more info on this as we will update the thread once we have more details about the same.


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