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Police using 3D Printed Fingers to Unlock your Locked Smartphones – Report



3D printing has evolved over time, and we have seen many successful applications of the same. Now when it comes to the use of the 3D printing for something useful, the Michigan police department will give the best answer for you. Yes, they are using 3D printing technology to unlock phones of victims now. According to a new report. Law enforcement officers approached a professor at Michigan State earlier this year to reproduce a murder victim’s fingerprint. Yes, that’s neat. It was reproduced from a prerecorded scan.

Once the 3D model was created, they would use it to create a false fingerprint, which could essentially unlock the phone. We had seen previous similar cases before where the fingerprint was faked before using the same technique. As far as this matter is concerned, the investigation is still going on. Hence we have limited details on this, and it is also unclear if this will be successful. But if this works I reality, then this would be the first case from police department using a technique of this kind to unlock a phone in an ongoing investigation.

Well, it is no doubt that police departments are good at unlocking smartphones. Previously, a smartphone was unlocked like this, but the phone which was involved did not have a fingerprint reader. Also, it is unclear if the phone involved here, in this case, is an iPhone or some other device. But we will definitely get more info once we have anything else from the department in this matter. Also, note that iOS now requires an additional password if the phone was idle for eight or the phone has not been unlocked for the last six days.

Either way, it is a great application of the 3D printing technology, and we hope this actually works in favor of the department so that it can be used similarly in other future cases also. More and more companies are coming up with 3D printers now and a wide variety of starter kits are also easily available online. Stay tuned for information on this.


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