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Polar Loop Crystal with 30 Swarovski Crystals Launched at $159.90



Polar, a popular sports training products manufacturer, who was recently in the news for their fitness band, the Polar A360 has partnered up with Swarovski to blend the beauty and fitness technology together in one form. To move with this plan, today company is introducing a new Polar Loop Crystal activity tracker. The fashion-focused fitness tracker adorned with 30 Swarovski Crystals. It features a crisp textured bracelet, which is white in color and is a perfect style match. The fashion based Crystal Loop Tracker is priced at $159.90 in the United States and 159.90 € in the European countries.

Designed for people who admire the style as well as are concerned with their well being and wants the health data to be tracked. Instead of wearing, two separate bracelets on different situations, such as running in the morning and attending a gala event during the evening, one can wear one band. That’s where the new Polar fitness band comes in to play.

The Polar Loop Crystal offers many other features in addition to the eye-catching design. Such features include activity, sleep tracking, inactivity alerts, and many more interesting things. You can ask for training guidance to the fitness band, and it will guide you through your exercise after analyzing your behavior in some time. That would be done through the proprietary app, named Polar Flow, which is available on both the platforms, Android and iOS.

The Swarovski Crystal studded band can be worn as a jewelry, it would be the most powerful piece of jewelry. The foremost reason to state so is that you’ll be getting smart notifications about your activities like steps count, calories burn, workouts, sleep behavior, as well as it is capable to remind gently its users that they have been inactive for too long. Isn’t that what we all need in our life, a push to go further mile.

Dedicated to the women, this fitness band empowers the lady in your house to have a perfect accessory that would keep her busy being a connected woman. And being a connected refers here as connected with themselves, to make realization how much work they do all day.

Polar Loop Crystal Band

Talking further about the design of the Loop Crystal band, those 30 crystals embellished on the fitness band are inlaid into two polished stainless steel decorative bezels. The bracelet is customizable and secured with a small stainless steel buckle. The touch button on the fitness band’s display would activate the 85 individually placed LED lights on the screen, which would allow users to change between views.

The band is compatible with company’s H7 Bluetooth enabled heart rate sensor, which gives live and accurate heart rate metrics. You can use this support to measure your BPM during heavy training sessions. Apart from the above things, you would also be informed about the calls, texts, as well as calendar reminders directly on your wrist with Loop Crystal jewelry.

The company hasn’t mentioned the clear dates of availability, but it would be available sometime in November this year on company’s website. It would also be available in selected offline retail stores globally. The Holiday season is almost here, and it might be a perfect time to get something like this for your women.


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