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Feel Wristband tracks your Emotions, shows Happiness & Stress Levels



Ever wanted to track your emotions? Well, now you can do with the Feel Wristband. A startup based out of New York wants to offer you such kind of band that would monitor your happiness and stress levels. The world is now a better place to live in or not, but our minds have always thrived to work, sometimes work brings happiness sometimes it brings anger in you with those stress levels off the chart. Well, this new band called Feel developed by a small dedicated team should help you in managing those stress levels.

Feel Wristband - Black

Sentio Solutions, the company behind the product and app, claims that it is the first wristband that would be measuring and tracking the emotion of the wearer throughout the day. They’re calling it an emotional tracking, sensors integrated inside the band would allow the company to measure and track the biosignals while the proprietary mobile app would visualize the data tracked. You can then understand the happiness, stress and other emotional aspects of your body. Moreover, the app is also made capable to give personalized recommendations, so it means you’ll get coaching on how can you improve your emotional health.

Specifically, the Feel wristband sports four sensors including galvanic skin response, blood volume pulse, and skin temperature check. There is a buckle on the top of the wristband, which is adjustable, thus ensuring the sensors in bracelet touches the wrist skin. The company says that it would be available in different colors starting with the classic black color. Note that the band is made out of leather material, so that is something.

Feel Wristband - App
The dedicated app would synchronize the data via a Bluetooth connection between the band and the phone. There is a score of happiness, sadness, anger and stress, which would help in examining the overall emotional state of your body. With daily analysis of this, you can track whether your state is improving or declining. Although, the app would be recommending you how can you improve it by challenging you as well as it would have the history of your location where you seemed happier than most in the day. It’s quite fascinating, and would seem weird and complicated as first.

This concept is still new to the public, but we are hoping the wearable enthusiast would like it. Our modern lifestyle gives us all kinds of emotional, where anger seem to be more, now to keep the stress in check you must have a monitor for that. What better way to wear it on your wrist, although, I would also have liked if the company has added features like activity monitoring because now I don’t have to wear two separate bands. Well, the product is still in early stage, and we hope the showcasing at the CES Expo next year in January would help the company grow. What do you think of it? Would you be interested in knowing emotional health at your fingertips? I know, I would.


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