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Polar A360 Fitness Band with 2 Weeks Battery Life & Smart Coaching Launched



Polar A360 Smartband

Polar Electro, globally known as Polar is the manufacturer of sports training products and is popular for its heart rate monitoring equipment. The leader in HRM has launched its next level fitness tracker, the Polar A360 with wrist-based heart rate monitoring. In addition to 24/7 activity tracking, the wearable would be able to guide you based on your regular behavior over a certain period.

The A360 fitness band sports a high-resolution color touch display and on top of that it is claimed to be waterproof. It will log your daily steps, calories, workouts and sleep as well. It would vibrate to inform its users about the incoming calls, text, calendar alerts and the social media notifications.

The latest Polar fitness band is made in thinking of the comfortableness of the wearer, it would be available in three different sizes; small, medium and large. When fully charged, the A360 will be able to track your health data for at least two weeks that too 24/7 including 1 hour of training per day. In another way of saying that the battery life on the device is pretty good that you’ll only have to charge twice every month.

Company ensures that their wearable is accurate in monitoring the heart rates. Marco Suvilaskso, Global Product Director at Polar, says that there algorithm of interpreting the recorded data is accurate and is the best in the industry. The company has been in the business for almost four decades of manufacturing the heart rate monitor, and that says a lot about the quality itself.

The Polar A360 would have Smart Coaching features such as Activity Guide and Activity Benefit, they both would offer daily practical target suggestions and explain how the activities can affect the user’s health. All those data can be viewed on the dedicated Polar Flow mobile app hat would be available for iOS and Android. Get you daily, weekly and monthly health in-depth analysis on the app.

The wearable would be going on sale sometime in November for $199.95/ €199.90. At first the A360 fitness band would be available in Charcoal Black and Power White in the retail and online stores. But later after the first sale, the company would also start selling Sorbet Pink and Navy Blue. The interchangeable bands is expected to come out next year, which would be sold separately.

Earlier, Polar released an update to its V800, their GPS-dedicated Watch, which allowed it to received Smartwatch style notifications. Company has launched quite a number of fitness bands since past couple of years and out of them we liked the Polar Loop fitness band, which was launched last year.


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