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Pavlok a habit changing wristband which shocks you when you hit a bad habit



Pavlok Wristband

Well, there are stranger things happening in the world of technology, and the wearable technology is not far behind than the rest of the technology space. The function of these products might sound crazy, but they are practically very helpful in improving such things like fitness. And there is one such product that has landed on the Indiegogo and is actively looking for crowd funding, it is called Pavlok.

Pavlok Wristband You may have heard about it when the first prototype came into existence earlier in July this year. Now the designer, Maneesh Sethi, a Stanford alumnus, has put up its product on the crowd funding platform as he wants to mass produce the Pavlok and add more features to it.

Pavlok is a shock wristband, designed to improve your habits by giving you a zap whenever you need to be reminded of quitting the bad habits. For instance, you can instruct it to zap you awake whenever you hit the snooze button twice on your alarm. The companion app allows you to set the electricity intensity from 17 to 340 volts, so you can adjust it accordingly, making sure each time it zaps you, the intensity is not strong enough to hurt you a lot.

The Pavlok app would be available on the Android as well as iOS devices. The device also boasts the functionality to beep, vibrate, as well as post on your social networks, apart from the primary functionality to zap. It will be adjustable so that it can fit on your wrist for sure. It supports the Bluetooth connectivity of up to 40-60 feet.

You might not be able to swim while wearing it, though; the team promises to make it a high water resistant as possible. With the sensors like accelerometer, it can also track your fitness activities like steps taken, distance travelled, as well as the sleeping patterns. It will also know if the user is wearing its Pavlok wristband or not as it touts a Human Detection technology used in the device.

Though, the functionality doesn’t stop there; the creator wants it to be an open platform so that any developers can create apps involving the usage of Pavlok’s shocking capabilities. To show what can be done with this unusual wearable device, Sethi, is working on IFTTT integration, which will possibly allow users in scenarios like, instructing the wristband to zap as well as beep loudly, whenever you step into McD’s with the help of a navigation app via IFTTT.

The device is up for an early birds pledge for as low $99, while this package has been sold out. There’s still a chance to grab two Pavloks at a price of $250. The device will be shipping next year in the month of April.

Source: Indiegogo


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