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Pakistani Agencies infect 4 Android Apps according to Indian Home Ministry, asks to delete



Smartphones are one of the most used gadgets by everyone across the globe. We use them every single day for all our basic day-to-day tasks. When we talk about such an important gadget, security should be our top priority. And with the all the recent news about cyber fraud and hacking, etc. it is really a huge concern nowadays. On the same lines, it has been reported that the Home Ministry has asked mobile users to immediately delete four applications from their smartphones. According to them, Pakistani agencies are infecting mobile phones in India with malware.

The Home Ministry alerted that Pakistani agencies are sending malware in smartphone through a couple of smartphone apps. It is believed that they are doing this in order to steal some vital information and to sky on users. This is very crucial especially in times like this when pretty much every other user is using his/her smartphone to initiate mobile payments etc. using mobile wallets like Paytm, etc. The attacker could be using that info as well with the help of these applications. So basically the possibilities are limitless.

The Home Ministry has asked users to immediately delete four apps and they are –

  • Top Gun (Game App)
  • Mpjunkie (Music App)
  • Bdjunkie (video App)
  • Talking Frog (Entertainment App)

If you have ever installed one or more of these apps from the above list, then it is suggested that you delete them right away to prevent cyber fraud. According to the reports, these are the apps that the Pakistani agencies are using to steal the information or to sky, etc. Home Ministry said that there are high chances of cyber fraud because of such apps when users use services such as mobile banking. And talking about the malware, this is not the first time we are hearing about such a news about malware attack on smartphones. We have been seeing a lot of these cases such are the quadroot exploit, etc. as well. QuadRoot is one of the most effective exploits that can infect your device and cause some issues.

Hence after all this, it is suggested that you delete all those apps from your smartphones immediately and stay clear from such apps and also third party apps. Alternatively, you can also download and install some anti-virus application as well in order to protect your device or at least alert in such cases. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more like this in the future.


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