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OrCam Wearable Camera for Visually Impaired (with Bone-conduction Earpiece)



orcam device for visually impaired

OrCam is a small wearable camera which records what you see and then transfers the thing that we want to see with the help of simple gestures to tell the OrCam what to record and identify. OrCam can help you read the text in front of you, identify Traffic signals, identify faces, places and also can also store new data to identify later on. The OrCam can easily be life a friend or companion beside you to help you in each and every step of your day to day life.

How does OrCam Work?

You need to wear the Orcam along with the Glasses and when you want to read a newspaper or Book you need to point the particular Para or header. And the OrCam will identify it and read it out in just 2 seconds where the powerful computer or OrCam can translate printed text on any platform into Audio. OrCam does not require connection to any Wifi network or to your smartphone and even Internet connection is not required for it to function.

It is very useful for Visually impaired people in helping them do even small work like taking something out of the fridge, go for walking on the roads. And identifying Bus number by just pointing at it when the bus is coming towards you, point at the traffic signal and it will tell you which color it is in.

OrCam stores the places which the user regularly visits like your workplace or Supermarket, Bus Stop and tell you when you are coming near it. Going for shopping for visually impaired people was a very difficult task but with OrCam you can easily shop without constantly asking workers for every small thing. It identifies the products by just pointing out at anyone of the product.

With OrCam identifying money and notes is very easy. OrCam is now working on identifying people and remembering your friends relatives and people you often meet.

OrCam is a very revolutionary product for the many visually impaired people in the world who also want to live a regular life us. With OrCam, they can stop depending on other people and start living their life.

Pricing and Availability:

The device is priced at $3,500 and is available only in USA with English language as the primary source of communication. It is only a matter of time that the pricing, and the availability of the device in various other countries can be seen because the device can make the lot of difference in Visually Impaired people’s day to day life. Unlike the Google Glass or any other gadget which we use not as a necessity but as an accessory this OrCam is a necessity that the Visually Impaired will benefit from.


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