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EnChroma Cx Color Blindness Correcting Lens & Color Identification Glasses



Enchroma Color Blindness

Color Blindness is a less known, but common eye condition seen in many people around the world that as the name suggests does not let you perceive or identify only certain or specific colors like Red and Green. In color blindness, you do not have any effect on your vision or in seeing things. This is not termed blindness but is a defect in Vision. To counter the cause of color blindness which is the lack of development of one or more sets of Retinal Cones which are the cells which help in perceiving color from Light and identify the color and send the signals to the Optic Nerve. There is no permanent and particular treatment for Color Blindness, and it has to be dealt with by wearing Spectacles or Lenses prescribed by an Ophthalmologist.

The main problem for Color Blind people occurs at teh traffic signals where they have to identify the main colors affected by color blindness like Green, Red and yellow so identifying these between each other becomes difficult.
If you are one of the people suffering from Color Blindness then here is a new Sunglasses Lens called EnChroma Cx that are made for you to correct your Color Blindness. These are Sun Glasses, which are only intended for Outdoor use as they are Sunglasses, which are made of Extra Strength Cersion of EnChroma proprietary Digital Color Boost technology to give you extra strength and also help to overcome Color Blindness.

Enchroma Cx Elite

How does the EnChroma Cx lens work?

This Lens will act as a source of identifying the colors and giving the proper signals to the Optic nerve to be transmitted to the brain to identify the color. The colors appear bright and pure which helps you in recognizing colors more easily like we already mentioned at the Traffic signals where the Red, Green and Yellow signals become easier to identify for you.

The Red and Green Colors have their Specific wavelengths, which overlap together and are the cause of the color blindness. This wavelength where both the colors are overlapping are identified and are not transmitted to your eyes that will indirectly eliminate the Color blindness.

The Lens are made up of material which will correct your color blindness using your Multi-Ban Spectral Filter. It also give UV light protection and comes with Anti Reflecting Coating along with having a Hydrophobic coating which repels Water and Sweat and Oleophobic Coating, which repels Dust and fingerprints.

Enchroma Cx Gamma

The company has said that, “While using the EnChroma Cx lens for the first time you have to wear the glasses for at least 10 minutes to let your eyes adjust to the darkness of the lens. However, uncomfortable it may be avoid removing the glasses in these 10 minutes which will decrease the effectiveness of the color enhancement property.”


Enchroma Cx Receptor

The EnChroma Cx is available in different shapes; models and sizes to help you choose the one that suits you and fits your face. There are multiple models to choose from and the pricing ranges from $379.95 to $459.95. Available to be bought from the Official website.


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