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Opera enables built-in VPN service for its Android browser



The Norwegian based Opera has brought back the much-anticipated feature to its mobile version for Android. The company has rolled out an update to its mobile version that features a built-in VPN service. Opera already has the built-in VPN for its desktop version, and now, the Android users can enjoy the benefits of VPN on their smartphones as well. The integrated VPN service on the Opera mobile version for Android is completely free, and the company claims its fairly easy-to-use as well.

With any VPN, users can get control of their online privacy and can browse the internet more securely, particularly when connecting to public Wi-Fi or hotspot networks. Opera bringing back this VPN service to mobile version is surely praiseworthy especially with the ongoing users’ privacy issues globally. Activating the VPN on Opera for Android is relatively simple, once installed users can get into Opera settings and enable VPN in which user can get to choose an optimal location like America, Asia, and Europe for instance.

After enabling the built-in VPN, users now have a private and encrypted connection between their devices and a remote VPN service that utilizes secured 256-bit encryption algorithms. Further, it helps in hiding the users’ physical location and secures their online activity prone to tracking as well. As stated, this allows users especially using public Wi-Fi and hotspots and also can protect users privacy. And, most importantly, unlike other third-party VPN services, since its a free built-in service from Opera no login credentials are required to use the VPN, which makes the user experience more hassle-free.

On the whole, using the built-in VPN service on Opera mobile browser is significantly helpful for users to secure their browsing activity and further helps in reducing the risk of malicious activities such as collecting users sensitive information while using less secured networks like public Wi-Fi networks in airports, hotels and railway stations and more. Android users can head over to the Google Play Store to update the Opera version to Android 51. Bear in mind, the rollout has begun just now and will be received globally per region starting today. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more such interesting updates.


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