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OnePlus One is slow? How to Speed up for Better Performance in 5 minutes



OnePlus One smartphone has been a huge success soon after its launch and almost every smartphone user wish to use this device at least once. With high specifications and low price, this phone has stunned the world. Even after the release of OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X phones, this phone didn’t lose its popularity. But, there seem to be minor issues with the performance of OnePlus One phones, which can be resolved easily using few settings and modifications.

So many hidden features will be available in this device using which anyone can alter the performance of the phone. This 5.5-inch phone comes with powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor with Oxygen OS. In this article, we are going to discuss few tips with which you can gear up your smartphone.

Download latest Software Updates

At first, you need to check for the latest software updates available for your device. All the most recent updates include the fixes to minor bugs and also enhances the performance of the device. So, before altering any settings on the device check for the latest official updates for your device in ‘About Phone’ option under settings. If there is any update available, then download and install it to get upgraded.

Change the Animation Settings

By changing the animation settings, your device can run faster than usual. Whenever you open or close an app or perform a certain task, animations will take up few seconds of time to complete the task. So, by disabling or reducing them, you can improve the performance of the phone. You need to enable the ‘Developer Options’ to change the animations.

Tap few times on the ‘Build Number’ under ‘About Phone’ in settings to enable the ‘Developer Options’. You can now see these options under ‘Settings’ or ‘Additional Settings,’ so go on and open these options. Scroll down until you find ‘Window animation scale,’ ‘Transition animation scale’ and ‘Animator duration scale.’ Now, tap on each option and check the 0.0x option to disable the animations or reduce them to 0.5x. Both options will increase the performance of your device, and you can feel the difference in the performance when you are accessing your mobile.

Clear Individual App Cache

Upon thorough research, we found that app caches might also be a cause for the performance issues. So, we advise you to clear the app caches too from your device. It can be done by visiting each app in apps section and clearing cache from it. Once the cache is removed, then the device gets some extra storage space and at the same time, it performs well.

By enabling Performance

This option costs a bit of your battery life but increases the overall performance of the device. You can see the ‘Performance’ option under your device settings, where you need to tap on the ‘Profile.’ By tapping this option, you will see three other options like power save, balanced and performance. Select the ‘performance’ option and check overall improvement of the device. But remember that, this option can be a cause for battery draining up to some extent.

Uninstall bloatware or unnecessary apps

Every smartphone user wishes to try several apps out of which few will be useless. So, make sure to uninstall all such apps from your device and keep the device clean. Also, if you found any bloatware and pre-installed apps on the phone, disable/uninstall all those as they too cause the performance issue.

Using Wipe Cache Partition and Factory Reset

If you feel that, your device is performing extremely slow even after the above settings, then you can use this option via recovery mode. To do Wipe Cache partition, you need to turn off the phone and get into the recovery mode. Follow your device manual for entering into the recovery mode (Usually done by turning off the phone and turn it on by pressing power and volume down button at the same time). In the recovery mode, select and confirm the Wipe Cache Partition using volume button and power button. Then, select and confirm ‘Reboot system now’ after the process is done.

You can also perform the factory reset using the recovery mode where you need to select and confirm the Wipe data/factory reset. Another method to factory reset is by settings>Backup & Reset>Factory data reset. But make sure to take the backup of your data before proceeding to factory reset as it will wipe away everything from the phone.

Few useful tips

Also, there are few tips other than the above, which when followed might help you to increase the performance level of your OnePlus One smartphone. Remember to disable the WiFi and Bluetooth connections whenever not in use and also avoid installing useless apps. Install any reputed antivirus in your phone and run it frequently to avoid any critical issues.

If you are facing any other performance issue with your OnePlus One smartphone, then let us know by commenting below as we try to resolve the issue.

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