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OnePlus to Merge Oxygen OS & Hydrogen OS to offer faster software updates



OnePlus devices are very promising when it comes to hardware. They pack some serious specs for the price at which they are offered in the market. When it comes to the software side of things, we have two OS here. The company offers Hydrogen OS on its Chinese variant of the smartphone, whereas on the other hand, the rest of the world get Oxygen OS. This is not bad by any means, but when you have two OS to maintain, it becomes quite difficult.

One area where this affects the users are the software updates. The resources required to work on both the OS is definitely more and hence the company has decided to merge both the OS, which will allow them to push the updates very fast. If you are not familiar with what the company offers, Oxygen OS is the AOSP-ROM that was originally designed by former members of the Paranoid Android team. The Hydrogen OS, on the other hand, is the Chinese ROM designed to appeal to the consumers there.

Merging both will consolidate the resources as well. Hence this decision of merging both the OS into a single cohesive OS makes a lot of a lot of sense in terms company’s standpoint. With that being said, the Future of the software offering from OnePlus seems to be pretty solid since the only issue that users had was the delay in software updates. Now we can expect them to be comparatively fast.

OnePlus said that the two development teams will be combined in the near future and hopefully bring updates to users to both sides of the users much sooner. The company is also hoping to improve its support with only one official software package.  Stay tuned for more detailed info on this.


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