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LYF Water 1 Smartphone Explodes in Owner’s Hand while Browsing – Photos



Reliance’s Jio 4G services will be available to every Indian starting tomorrow, but unlike other telcos, Jio 4G only works on VoLTE (Voice over LTE) supported devices. While the regular 4G devices only support data browsing on Jio 4G SIM, the voice calls can be made only through 4G smartphones that also supports VoLTE. Along with Jio 4G, Reliance also started selling LYF 4G smartphones. Though the devices lack the superior specifications when compared to other devices at similar price ranges, the only USP of the devices till a few weeks back is the Jio Preview Offer (JPO) that comes with 90 days of unlimited 4G data and voice calls.

As the JPO is now available to all the 4G smartphones, the company might announce one year of free internet via Jio 4G for all the LYF smartphones. But today, we came to know about the LYF smartphone explosion. The LYF Water 1 that was launched in January this year at a price of Rs. 14,699. Though the devices can be expected to come with some compromises as to make it more affordable, but not at the cost of the user’s life. The user was said to be browsing Facebook on his LYF Water 1, and the device was suddenly exploded in his hand.

As of now, the users got the treatment for his hand, but the reason for this explosion is not known. The company is yet to respond to the incident. Recently, Samsung identified the defected batteries in few Galaxy Note 7 smartphones and with users safety in mind, it is now voluntarily replacing all the Galaxy Note 7’s sold till date. Even the OnePlus One and few Xiaomi smartphones are also blasted in the last few weeks. But all the earlier incidents happened while the device is getting charged, but the LYF Water 1 was not charging at the time of the explosion.

It’s been told that the user was probably accessing Facebook while this happened that is generally expected to kill your phone’s battery life, but we never thought it would literally kill the phone’s battery. Nonetheless, we are yet to hear from LYF Mobiles on a follow up of this incident and are yet to see an update from the owner.

PS: If you didn’t notice “Water” catches “Fire” 😉


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