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Nymi Wearable Band Authenticates your Identity with Heart Beats ECG



Nymi WristBand

Wearable technology is still expanding in a way that no expert can imagine, and coming into this space, is another company who has impressed big investors with their product. Which might revolutionize the way we authenticate the access to devices as well as applications.

Bionym, a Toronto-based, tech startup has come up with a product that can authenticate the devices via a wireless communication from then on throughout the day. The device uses the ECG (electrocardiogram) sensor to analyze the unique biometric literature of a person’s body.

Nymi WristBand

The wristband matches the wearer’s ECG against a stored profile, which ensure the identity of the wearer. The authentication last throughout the day, until the wearer removes the band. If it has been removed from the wrist, the re-authentication process starts again, to make it operational.

It is company’s first product, and currently stands in the hands of the developers as the perfection is yet to be achieved. With varies big firms and angel investors backing up the product, company tends to work hard in achieving its goal as the launch of the device comes near. According to the company, the Nymi has already garnered over 10,000 pre-orders as the pre-order campaign is active.

Bionym has plans to offer a complete set of ecosystem, which will include services, applications, and integration with the top device manufacturer and apps developers. Company has already planned out the Nymi App, which will support authentication and notifications, as it will be released for iOS, Android, Mac as well as for PC too. While, currently iOS devices don’t provide an API to bypass the device unlock screen, there is a hope in future that it will change.

Nymi will be available in three color options, Black, White, and Orange for discounted $79, which will later retail for $99. It comes with the wrist size adjustment, though, if it did not fit on your wrist, company claims to give you full refund. The unique authentication device also touts a water resistant feature, as you will be able to unlock your waterproof smartphone even when it’s raining.

The other most interesting thing to note about the device is its battery life, as it promises to last for approximately one week. Company will start shipping of their product sometime this fall.

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