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Lineable – A $5 Wearable Beacon to Track your Children with Bluetooth



Lineable Wearable Tracker

With the entry of Apple into the wearable market, many leading forecasting firms has indicated that the wearables market is about to grow a whole lot bigger than it can be anticipated. While this year we seen many announcements related to this market, there was always a need of one more wearable that can offer assure safety of your children.

Lineable is one such device for that need. Reverth, a South Korean tech startup has launched an Indiegogo campaign featuring its latest offering to the world. Lineable is a wearable tracking beacon that can prevent children from missing, as it sends a continuous signal to the user’s app, making sure that parent knows the whereabouts of their children.

Lineable Wearable Tracker

The device is a very distinct and is dedicated to the safety of children. With its mere $5 retail price tag, company aims to take it to the worldwide levels as they have researched the current scenario of missing children all over the world, and wanted to encourage the awareness of protecting the children.

The Linebale was made to look-like any other silicone wristband, so that making it elegantly fit child’s daily routine without being intrusive, and also to be easy to conceal as possible from an assailant. It will mean that battery of the device cannot be changed, which means it’s much less likely to be discovered that the wearable is an electronic tracking beacon, unaware to the assailant.

The beacon will be water, as well as dust proof, and the battery life will last over a year. With the Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity support, it can be operated via a Bluetooth enabled device. Company mentions that there is no hidden cost to this product, like it can be seen on the most of the affordable brands charges few amount as a hidden cost. But child protection all over the world being the aim of the company, they have decided to cut down the retail price to $5 only.

Lineable App

Coming to its working process, the child wearing a Lineable device whenever went missing, you would be able to track the location of the child. As the data goes through company’s server, which then would be sending the location of the child to the nearby Lineable App user, then that person can contact the parent about the whereabouts of their child. The best and most interesting part is that the coverage can grow internationally when more apps are installed by the users worldwide.

The beacon syncs easily with your smartphone, and allow you to keep track of your children. And you can always sync as many as Lineable as you like to do via your smartphone. Company plans to release its app very soon on both leading mobile platforms, which includes iOS (even iPhone 6) and Android devices right now, as in progress the app will be rolled out to different mobile platforms.

On the comparison note, it will be competing with the already successfully funded TrackR wearable, which is a small coin-sized tracking beacon, mainly aimed as the general tracking device. Though, it is relatively priced higher than the $5 Lineable. With many organizations coming up with their technologies in this space, it is highly likely that we will see more affordable and advanced tracking devices in the coming months.

In this price range, this device might be the most valuable thing you can gift to your children. Company plans to ship this wearable tech from February next year. So, we recommend you to try this device as we have also ordered for our children.

Pre-order: Indiegogo


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