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Nubia Red Devil 3 to Come with New Fan Cooling Technology



The upcoming Nubia Red Devil 3 smartphone is said to be coming with a new fan cooling technology as the General Manager of Nubia – Ni Fei has announced it. He said that a new patent will be added to the Red Devil 3 e-sports smartphone to dissipate heat actively. He further added that the new cooling technology will not be affecting the thickness of the upcoming phone and also mentioned that it has become thinner than its predecessors.

Nubia is introducing the principle of convection heat dissipation in the wind tunnel that will increase the air exchange volume by 73 percent and get the air cooling. Heating is a major issue in terms of e-sports gaming products from a long time and looks like the issue will be soughed out with the upcoming Red Devil series. It will be interesting to see this device when it gets announced how it would be performing.

Furthermore, the device will be adopting first wind-cooled x liquid cooled ICE multi-dimensional heat dissipation system that achieves an amazing cooling performance via a principle of circulating heat dissipation of wind tunnel convection and super large heat pipes. It is also going to use another black technology and Nubia has developed a new air-cooled x liquid cooling module.

This occupies very little space and adds a fan design for active heat dissipation and removes heat quickly. Nubia is also using vector control technology to keep the fan rotor drive direction 100 percent consistent with the rotor movement direction making the fan to run smoothly with minimal noise. Moreover, the company is using turbine technology to output more air volume in a smaller space, improving heat dissipation.

The device will also be using the pipe cooling technology and the Red Devil 3 will be the world’s first smartphone to use fan technology for active cooling. Well, what are your views on this new technology from Nubia? Will it be efficient enough? Comment in the section below if you have more queries and stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more.



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